What to wear this summer

Many women are struggling to decide what to wear this summer. The struggle comes every year – is the weather going to be consistent? Will I be able to pull that off? What if it rains? The every day dilemma often becomes more hassle than it’s worth. However you have no need to worry, in this blog I’m going to give a summary of clothing items that suit all, and are bang on trend this summer.


White is a definite colour to opt for if you’re struggling to decide what to wear this summer. White is chic, and casual, yet can be dressed up and accessorized to look formal and flattering. If you’re lucky enough to be going on holiday this summer, what better colour to accentuate your glowing tan?! White can be worn on your top or bottom half, or even just as an accessory. Be careful when wearing all white, sometimes it’s best to play it safe with a black or grey partnered piece to avoid it being too much.


Boxy tops and tailored trousers are another smart essential that can be worn or played down for a trip to the shops, but don’t combine both as it can make your figure look square or simply look unshapely. Combine a boxy top with some fitted bottoms to draw attention to your pins, if your legs are your best feature. If you prefer your upper body, tailored trousers are slimming and lengthening on your legs, and wear a fitted top with a flattering jacket that screams summer chic.


Still not sure what to wear this summer? Many people would previously be taken aback by the combination of jeans and heels, but everyone’s doing it! And it looks surprisingly done right when done correctly. Court heels or a strappy sandal heel combined with jeans that flatter your bottom half paired with a loose fitting top and blazer allow you comfort combined with style.


Do rely on your instinct in terms of picking outfits however; if you don’t feel comfortable in it then simply don’t wear it. On the same token, don’t be afraid to push your boundaries and take risks here and there!


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