What are the 6 pairs of shoes you need to own?

A friend recently asked me what are the key pairs of shoes you should have in your wardrobe to cover all eventualities and that set me thinking that a little guide to what shoes you MUST own could be a useful blog topic… so Jo J this is for you!


  • flipflopPlastic Flip Flops

First up is a pair of plastic flip flops…. Havianas is by far the best brand for colour, styling, price and quality. Cheap, comfortable and timeless especially if you get them in one of your neutral colours; black, navy, grey, brown, beige, white…. Wear with shorts, jeans, jumpsuits, maxi skirts & dresses. Useful in the UK and abroad. An essential item in any shoe collection. So cheap you can invest in multiple pairs. Guaranteed not to rub between your toes!



  • converseWhite/Cream Converse All Stars

Another classic must have item. Goes with shorts, jeans, trousers and jumpsuits and increasingly with maxi and midi dresses and skirts. Useful shoe to have when needing to walk long distances i.e on holiday when sightseeing. Much neater on the foot than a trainer and can be bunged in the washing machine when dirty. Looks great in all the other available colours but the white or cream version is the ultimate stylish option. Wear with a trainer sock to avoid sweaty feet!




  • Ballet balletflatsFlats

Either in a neutral shade or metallic is always useful. Particularly useful item for spring and autumn when the weather is not cold enough for boots but not warm enough for getting your toes out!  Look great paired with jeans, trousers or capri pants. My favourite brands are French Sole and Pretty Ballerinas. Russell & Bromley do a great range too.. my particular favourite are the quilted ones! Very Chanel-esque.


  • ashjalouseHeeled ankle boots

An essential item for autumn/winter to keep the wind and rain out. Look great with jeans and trousers but also good in spring/summer with bare legs and shorts and knee length dresses or tunics. Can work well with maxi length skirts and dresses year round. Ash does a great range of this kind of ankle boot. The Ash Jalouse (pictured) is a favourite. It comes in a range of colours and the cuban heel is high enough to be elegant but still low enough to make wearing and walking around all day quite possible. Most high street shops will do a similar version.


  • sandalMetallic Open toe Heeled Sandals

Always chic and elegant. Works year round with trousers, jumpsuits, jeans, skirts and dresses. NEVER wear with tights and always have a pedi. Rose gold metallic suits both skin tones. Silver/pewter better for cool skin and yellow gold better for warm skin.




  • courtshoeHeeled Pointed Court Shoes

Can be worn year round. Look equally good with trousers/jeans as with skirts and dresses. Useful for both smart and casual, work and play.  A nude tone is timeless and as long as you go for a pointed toe you will not get mistaken for Kate Middleton! Alternatively, go for a neutral colour; black, navy, brown or beige.






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