Stitch Fix – UK’s newest online personal styling service. Does it work?

Having seen loads of adverts online and in magazines for Stitch Fix since it launched in the UK in May 2019 I thought I’d give it a try – partly on a professional basis and partly to see if I could get some nice clothing items out of it.

online personal styling service
Stitch Fix Paperwork

I checked that the only cost if I didn’t like the clothing would be a £10 styling fee and then proceeded to create my online account. The set up took 10-15 minutes during which I was was asked my vital statistics, clothing and shoe size, information about my body proportions, my go to outfits, colours I liked, places I liked to shop and my approximate budget per item type ie trousers, skirts, shoes etc. Once all this data had been submitted I was asked to say whether I liked several outfits that flashed up on the screen with a thumbs up or down. I did this several times to help the stylist get an idea of what I did and didn’t like. I put a comment in the additional comments box that I had autumn colouring (deep, muted and warm) and that all clothing sent needed to fit into this colour palette. Finally, I put in my payment details and once my fix had been submitted I was told I would receive my 5 items of clothing in 6 days.

online personal styling service
Stitch Fit Styling Cards

The box arrived yesterday and I was definitely dubious as to what would be in the box. I think it’s fair to say that I had low expectations.However, once I had pulled all the clothing out and looked at the styling cards I have to say that I was delighted with what had been sent. First up was an animal print maxi shirt dress from Yas. It fitted like a glove, was just my style and was reasonable at £70 or £56 with the total purchase 20% discount. I had not heard of the brand Yas which was great as I wanted to find out about new brands as part of this process of trying Stitch Fix.

online personal styling service
Stitch Fit Clothing

Next was a pair of denim high waisted culottes from Free People. I was familiar with this US brand having brought a couple of items from them over the last few years. The culottes again fitted well and were entirely what I would have chosen myself. They were £68 or £54 with the total purchase 20% discount. Another win for Stitch Fix!

A chocolate brown spaghetti strap silky camisole with lace bib was the next item from In wear for £40 or £32 with the discount. I wouldn’t have picked it for myself but I loved it paired with the culottes and as it’s one of my neutral colours I know it will go with all my other jeans, shorts and skirts. As I wouldn’t have picked this for myself it was a another plus for Stitch Fix as it pushed me out of my usual style which is never a bad thing to move out of your comfort zone!

The penultimate item was a rust sleeveless button through shirt dress from Warehouse (one of my favourite high street shops) for £42. I did like this item but had decided not to keep it as I didn’t love it and didn’t need it.

The final item was a sage green satin lapel shirt from Warehouse for £36. This I would never have chosen for myself as I’m not a major fan of shirts with collars but the colour was beautiful and it did fit well and looked good paired with a leopard print pleated midi skirt of mine as per the outfit idea style card that came with every item. I decided to return this item also.

online personal styling service
Culottes and Camisole

However, having perused the itemised invoice which came in the box of clothes I could see that if I kept just the dress, culottes and camisole which would not include the total purchase 20% discount it would be virtually the same price as keeping all the 5 items which would include the 20% discount. As I liked them all and they all suited me it seemed a no brainer to keep them all and would only cost £16 more. £194 instead of £178.

Stitch Fix allows you 3 days to decide whether you are going to keep any of the items. Once you have decided you have to log back into your account put a comment against each item in terms of fit, quality, whether you like it and finally whether you are going to keep it. Once all items are updated a final invoice is shown and you confirm to purchase. The invoice is then emailed to you. All very straightforward and clear – I thought. If you do want to return any items a prepaid postage envelope is included.

As a final step you are asked if you would like to use the same stylist again next time. I opted for yes as hopefully the stylist Verity will build up a slight visual in her minds eye of what exactly I like. I will have another go at Stitch Fix in the autumn so will see how she gets on next time.

Overall a very slick and effective way to shop I found.. I am sold!

The only issue that now remains is whether I am not out of a job with the advent of this online personal styling service? Having now personally tried the service I can 100% say that it’s a great idea especially for those that are time pressed and who don’t have time to browse online or go down the high street. Whether it replaces face to face personal stylists remains to be seen…

In my opinion this online personal shopping service is a welcome addition to the online shopping options in the UK but will never entirely replace the human services offered by a real life in the flesh personal stylist. It can’t deliver the interaction and discussion of a colour or style analysis nor help you clear out your wardrobe in a way that allows you to understand what suits you and why and why everything else is going to be sold or given to charity. At a push it could reduce the need for a personal shopping trip but during these shopping trips my clients will typically purchase between 10 and 30 items… Stitch Fix will only send 5 items at a time.

My suggestion give it a try and let me know how you get on.I for one will certainly be using it again!

Follow up

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