Trends for autumn 2019 -what to buy, keep and swerve!

Autumn is most definitely with us… the Indian summer is a distant memory.  It’s sad to see the end of the great weather but now we can rub our hands together with the prospect of some cosy autumn and winter wear! Read on for my bi-annual review of trends for autumn 2019! 

Whilst there are some new trends coming through, there are some very definite trends that remain with us from last autumn and winter – which is great if you have already invested in these items – and if not there is no time like the present!  Not all the trends coming through for autumn winter 2019 should be invested in so I have split this overview into new items to considering buying, items that are sticking around from autumn winter 2018 and trends that are prevalent this year but probably worth giving a miss! 

Trends to consider investing in

  1. Heritage Blazer

Heritage check is everywhere this season in coats, jackets, trousers, skirts and blazers. Whilst arguably you will get wear out of any heritage check you buy –  a blazer is probably the best investment of your money. It will go with trousers, jeans, dresses and skirts and can be worn year round. Wear it alone now whilst it’s still not too cold then layer with a coat as the temperature drops.  When the spring comes it can be worn again alone and well into the summer. A blazer is always a useful item which can instantly smarten up whatever you are wearing – great for work and play.  This season’s Baukjen offering is very strong so I have invested myself in this blazer shown although Whistles. Mint Velvet, Topshop, Zara and Asos have some good offerings too.  


2. Leather separates

Leather (or pleather) is everywhere this season.. be it jackets, trousers, culottes, shackets or skirts this is definitely the fabric to be investing in.  Whether leather or pleather depends on your preference and budget. Whistles, which has a fantastic selection of clothing this season, has some great leather pieces as do &OtherStories. However similar options abound all over the high street.  


3. Winter Floral Midi Dress 

trends for autumn 2019

Floral Midi – &OtherStories

The reign of the midi dress continues for autumn 2019 but for this season the trend is for darker floral fabric which is more in keeping for the winter weather. A great selection abounds everywhere from M&S to Zara to &OtherStories to Whistles. Wear with white trainers whilst the weather is not too cold then pair with tights and ankle or knee high boots as the weather gets worse and top with your leather jacket/shacket or statement trench coat.


4. Statement trench coat

trends for autumn 2019

Trenchcoat -Topshop at Asos

Trenchcoats or macs are a perennial autumn and spring trend. However, this season they have gone bigger in terms of size and fabric to make more of a statement. Vinyl and checked options abound. Whilst the classic taupe trench coat will also be on trend if you really want to earn fashion stripes go bolder. Asos has the best reasonably priced options around.


Options to dig out from autumn 2018

  1. Denim Boilersuits

You probably do have a jumpsuit or two – but if you haven’t already – it’s time to consider a denim boilersuit. Get one with a belt so you can cinch it in and show off your waist.. wear alone until it’s cold then layer with a breton top or just a plain long sleeved t-shirt or fine knit . Looks great with white trainers or ankle boots or even a funky court shoe or sandal for the evening.  I have invested in this one from Hush and it works really well with my wardrobe and washes really well too.

2. Heeled knee high boots

Again these were a popular option last autumn and remain everywhere this season.  They look best with midi skirts or dresses or wide leg cropped jeans and culottes. Worn over jeans is a little too Puss in Boots really so leave that for the panto!  

Trends to swerve

  1. Chunky gold choker necklace. Unless gold is the right metallic colour for your skin tone.. ie you need to have warm skin – I would give this a miss. Also, to wear chokers well you need to have a long slimmish neck otherwise it for-shortens your neck and can make it look thicker than it is. This is in my opinion a passing trend.
  2. Victoriana-esque lace up boots. I can’t see this trend lasting beyond this season. If you really love them then buy a pair but don’t spend much.
  3. Faux fur huggy bear type coats. They’re great if you are small and slim but otherwise bulk you up and are less than flattering. Invest in a single breasted wool coat instead – you’ll get far more wear out of it! 
  4. Thick soled chunky Dr Martens-eque boots. I’m sure many of us wore these in our teens/early 20’s…indeed they were de rigueur for students in the 80’s and 90’s! However, for the post-40 woman I don’t think they work in any way… Possibly a thick soled Chelsea boot is passable but it depends on your general style. Next have a acceptable and reasonably priced pair if you do want to dabble.   

Follow up

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