Package 1

3 in 1 – Colour, style and wardrobe review @ 4 hours – £265
This is my most popular package in which you will learn what colours suit you and why, what styles suit you and why, and then combining this information go through your wardrobe to clear the wrong items out leaving only the right things that make the best of you.

This session takes about 4-4.5 hours and makes a tangible difference to how you dress yourself and how you buy clothes going forward. During this session we will make outfits out of what you have in your wardrobe for work, social and leisure and possibly make a short shopping list but hopefully you will have most of what you need in your wardrobe.. it is just a question of clearing out the wrong items to allow you to see what does work for you.

The package includes your own personalised colour swatch, clothing guidelines, and 6 months of follow up styling advice either via skype or phone along with the wardrobe audit and outfits compilation.

Package 2

4 in 1 – Colour, style and wardrobe review plus a 3.5 hour personal shop. @4 hrs day 1 and 3.5 hrs day 2   – £425

The same as the 3 in 1 package but with the benefit of a personal shop using the tailor made shopping list compiled during the wardrobe audit. Shopping location to suit client but good choices are Westfield Stratford, Bluewater, Norwich and Cambridge.

If you don’t get at least 3 compliments within  a month of our day together I guarantee I will refund your payment,  no questions asked!