Top Hat! How to Wear a Hat This Winter

People have always worn hats. In fact, up until the early 1960’s it was almost de rigeur to wear a hat when leaving the house for both men and women. Since then hats have become less utilitarian and more of a fashion item. This season they certainly seem to be having a bit of a renaissance with hats abounding in the shops and on people walking around out and about. Whilst most ladies are happy to wear hats, certainly for keeping warm in mid-winter, when it comes to wearing  one to make a style statement, it is not always so obvious what style to go for.  I have written a quick and easy guide on how to wear a hat this winter, based on your face shape and hairstyle.
Small faces
If you have a small face, think Eva Longoria, you need to wear a small hat to match the scale of your face. Anything bigger will overpower your face. A good example is a beanie.

Beanie hat, small face shapes, winter hats




Long face
If you have a long or oblong face ie Sarah Jessica Parker, then a flared/floppy brim or a cloche hat will work well as both will obscure the top part of your head/forehead, therefore balancing out the length of your face. Narrow brims and high crowns should be avoided as they will elongate the face.

Floppy hat, hats for long faces, winter hats





Round face
A round face, Cameron Diaz is a good example, looks best in a hat with lots of height at the crown and a higher brim  as it will help lengthen the face. A good example is fedora or a trilby.
 Round face, winter hat style, fedora





Square face
With a square face the ideal is to soften the jaw. Angelina Jolie is a good example of someone with a square face. This is achieved by wearing a larger brim and round crown ie a floppy hat or straw hat in summer. Chose one that sits high on your forehead to elongate the bottom  half of your face. A bowler style hat with a rolled brim would also work well. Hats that can be worn at an angle will also work.

square face, straw hat, winter summer hats





Heart shaped face
With a heart shaped face you want to minimise the width of the forehead. Reese Witherspoon has this shaped face. Cloche or a bucket hat with a medium brim that can be angled one way or the other will work best.

heart shaped face, hats for long faces, winter hats





When choosing a hat not only the face shape, but also the hairstyle should be taken into consideration. If you have a fringe then a beret looks fantastic. It is a timeless style and can be sourced in a multitude of colours. Some hats look better with hair coming down out of it so those of us with short hair will have to possibly try many styles of hat on until we find one that allows a bit of our short hair to be visible.

hats for fringes, hairstyles and hats, winter hats







Winter fashion is fun and exciting, and it’s a great time to experiment because layering is key! If you need a hand deciding what styles suit you, give me a call!

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