Too many clothes?!

WESTWOOD-PA_1966772bSpeaking after her S/S 2014 London Fashion Week show, Vivienne Westwood made a plea to “Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity. Everybody’s buying far too many clothes.”


Having seen the contents of many women’s wardrobes I would have to agree that we are all guilty of having far too many clothes, shoes and accessories – many of which never see the light of day. There is so much choice on the high street both physically and online now in terms of the number of chains and independent shops.


There is increasingly a large number of cheap and cheerful retailers like Primark, Matalan and Peacocks amongst others plus the clothing ranges that the major supermarkets offer. They aim to stack it high and sell it cheap and are constantly bringing in new stock on a weekly if not daily basis. Shopping has become a national pastime, if not an obsession, and it’s very easy to sucumb to the lure of that retail hit each and every time you pass a shop or browse online.


However, there are certain thing you can do to overcome this urge and spend less whilst looking better. Firstly, a styie and colour analysis would inform you exactly what colours and style clothes best suit you and why. Armed with this information you are less likely to either buy something on a whim, because it’s on trend or looks good on a friend.


Secondly, don’t be a slave to seasonal trends regardless of what the fashion magazines say. Pastel shades, camoflage and winter florals are very in this autumn/winter 2013 season but if they don’t suit you then don’t buy them. You might look current but you won’t look your best if they don’t compliment your colouring, body shape, natural style and lifestyle.


Thirdly, spend your money on the best quality wardrobe building blocks – jackets, trousers, skirts, coats – that you can afford in your key neutral shades. They will be worn time and time again and if in the right shades and styles will last a lifetime.


Of course it’s nice to wear something on trend (if it suits) but don’t spend money on these kind of items…that is where the likes of ‘Primarni’ come into their own! Finally, every 6 mths or so do a wardrobe audit. If something hasn’t been worn for a year or more get rid of it and the same for anything that doesn’t fit or is stained/damaged.


Doing this will allow you to see exactly what you do have in your wardrobe and allow you to create chic outfit combinations from what is already there without the need to keep buying more clothes.


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