The Perfect Winter Warmer

Since the 1st of November, the skies seem to have become has murky as the Southend coast and it is dark before you think about leaving the office. This weather makes everyone feel a little bit chilly on the inside as well as the out, so what can we do to cheer ourselves up and keep ourselves warm this winter? Go shopping, of course!

If your search for the perfect winter warmers hasn’t commenced as yet, now is the time to start browsing; English winters are becoming just as unpredictable as the summers are. The first thing to consider when purchasing a winter coat is this; where will it be worn? There’s no use in buying something that can only be worn on special occasions if you spend the majority of your weekend cheering on your son’s football team. Consider buying a coat which is warm enough to withstand near arctic temperatures. You also need to make sure it will go with almost every item of clothing you own; winter coats can be expensive, so finding one that matches your wardrobe means you’ll be making an investment! You’ll also need to remember that there will be times when travelling on tubes and buses, particularly if you work in London, and you’ll get warm very quickly. If you’re one to take their top coat off and carry it whilst travelling underground, it might be worth considering this when shopping for the perfect winter warmer, as you won’t want to be carrying around something too long or bulky.

If you’re a curvy lady, straight or belted coats that hit the knee are perfect for you. Coats with defined shoulders are perfect for those whose shoulders are naturally quite narrow, and unstructured jackets that finish at the hip are best for those with broader shoulders. If you have a tummy, a straight cut, single-breast style coat is the perfect winter warmer for you, and those with a boyish frame should opt for something that boosts the bust with bold detail and pockets. This also works for those with a small bust, if you go for something which tucks in at the waist. Fuller bust? Single- breasted with a deep v-neck will do the trick.

When buying a winter coat, there are more things to consider than one would think, but once you’ve read this guide, all you have to do is shop for the perfect winter warmer!

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