The Perfect Winter Boots

The winter can be difficult to dress for, and is becoming almost as unpredictable as the British summertime. Getting up for work in the morning is difficult enough without trying to decide whether it’s cold enough to warrant wearing 6 layers, or if you’re going to end up soaked as a sardine underneath your coat (and not from the rain). Although sometimes it may feel like our clothes can let us down, there is one thing that will never disappoint, come rain or shine: The boot.


Whether a tall riding boot takes your fancy, or you prefer a dainty pixie ankle boot, there’s a style for everyone. Sometimes it can be difficult to judge which boots flatter your figure, and a boot that you absolutely adore could be doing you a disservice. It’s important, therefore, to read on and find it exactly what style boot is best for you!


If you’re curvy: A straight cut boot with extra ankle room is important. This way you can tuck your trousers into your boots. A pair of heels will flatter your calves, so a boot with a chunky heel is perfect for you. Boots cut lower at the front will slim your legs and make them appear longer, and platforms are fabulous for balancing your curves.


If you’re athletic: Vertical details are flattering if you have muscular calves, as they make them appear slimmer and more feminine. If you want to draw attention to your toned legs, wear bold coloured boots. If you want to flatten and slim your calf, boots with zips are the way forward. Wear pointed toes in neutral colours to elongate your legs and slim your feet.


If you’re slim: Find boots with texture and detail, and this will add feminine curves to your legs. Ankle boots are a fabulous choice for slim legs and light colours add subtle curves to a lean shape. Boots that have a slimmer cut on the ankles they won’t look il proportioned with the rest of your body.


If you’re petite: Boots with detailing can make legs look longer. Short knee highs and mid calf boots are great for making your legs look longer, and a boot cut lower at the back is more comfortable behind the knee.


Next time you go shopping for your boots, bare this in mind, and have fun!

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