The Importance of Colours

Have you ever worn an outfit and spent the whole day thanking people for their comments? All throughout the day, you’ll be told how healthy you look, or how bright your eyes are.  This may never have occurred to you, but the main reason for this depends solely on the colour you are wearing at the time.


Time after time magazines and retail shops dictate the way we dress, telling us which colours are ‘in’ and the ones to steer clear of. The magazines don’t consider the fact that all of us have a slightly different skin tone. 50% of the female population of the UK today probably won’t suit every single colour currently in fashion, because typically the majority of us have pale skin, light hair and blue eyes!


Different colours react in a certain way with your skin tone, which plays a really big part in making you appear really bright and healthy or really sallow and unwell. The colour of your skin, eyes and hair all react with the colours against them. This means they will either compliment you or make you appear pale and washed out, even if you most certainly are not!


Colours are made up of three primary colours – red, yellow and blue. Those with blue or pink undertones to their skin colour will have a cooler skin tone, and those with a more yellow appearance will have a warmer tone. Red sits in-between. You can’t change the skin tone you are born with – even with a tan the tone will just deepen. A change in hair colour also makes no difference whatsoever.


Wearing the right colours will bring out your eyes, make you appear healthy and flawless and even knock years off of you! A direct negative effect would come from wearing the wrong colours, because they will make your hair, eyes and skin appear duller, brings out imperfections and can make you appear older and heavier than you are, which is never ideal!


Getting your colours done may be the best thing you’ve ever thought of!

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