"A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories" - Oscar de la Renta A common complaint or issue
Personal Shopping often seems to be equated with the super rich and something that only celebrities can afford to do but
There are so many articles written about looking good beyond 40 as if at this magic age we turn into pumpkins
    Tired of the trauma of trawling the shops? Sick of hitting the high street and returning empty handed
I often hear from my clients and even from my friends and family that they don't know where to shop
Whenever I'm anticipating the new season I always get very excited about all the new offerings in the shops and
A friend recently asked me what are the key pairs of shoes you should have in your wardrobe to cover
This is definitely not a blog to insist you get down to the gym and get all 6 packed up...more
I held a Capsule Wardrobe workshop last week which sold out, which tells me that there is definitely a lot
A concern often raised by my clients is how to avoid looking mumsy and finding ways to look younger when they shop