wardrobe declutter
  Every time I do a wardrobe declutter for a client, I find myself tossing away a variety of wrong
capsule wardrobe tips
  One item of clothing I recommend to ALL clients when I'm sorting out their wardrobes, giving them capsule wardrobe tips
westfield personal shopper
  A bit of mid life background!!  In recent years there have been a multitude of articles stating that the high
latest fashion trends for women
  So now it's finally the first day of spring, the days are lengthening, the flowers are coming out and
stylish womens trainers
  Am sure you have a pair of ancient converse somewhere in the depths of your wardrobe or cloakroom and possibly
what colour suits me
  One of the comments I often hear when I see clients is that they always wear the same colour, typically
leather trousers
  When an article appeared in the Sunday Times colour supplement in the autumn interviewing Teresa May I read it
  So with Christmas rapidly approaching it's time to consider what to wear for a non-stop round of drinks, dinners,
shopping personal shopper
    Having moved to Colchester from greater London six years ago I was underwhelmed by the shopping opportunities here
So does it matter what you wear to work? Within the last 20 years work business codes have begun to