Start To Build Your Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe


The festive period is well and truly behind us, and with this in mind we need to start thinking into the future! New Year’s resolutions pop up left right and centre but sometimes there aren’t any that we can stick to, purely because we don’t enjoy doing them! This year, why not focus on prioritising? I’m not asking you to write endless to-do lists of things you’ll never achieve, nor am I suggesting you rid yourself of all the negative people in your life. I’m simply asking you to spend the year creating a capsule wardrobe?! Have you ever heard of such an enjoyable New Year’s Resolution?


Obviously what follows will depend on your shape and colouring, but that’s not to say this small guide will help you go into town with a clear idea of what it is you’ll be purchasing to help you create your capsule wardrobe!



capsule wardrobe consists of:


– Jeans

– 2 Skirts (pencil skirt and something looser)

– 2 dresses (1 formal, 1 informal)

– Boots (knee high or ankle)

– Heeled pumps

– Blouses – 1 neutral in colouring, the other something brighter)

– 2 Jumpers

– 2 or 3 Camisole tops

– 2 Scarves

– A coat

– 2Jackets

– 2 bags (one smaller than the other)

– 2 belts (one chunky, one skinny)

– Trousers



capsule wardrobe is the most important thing a person could create, and all of the items included are timeless pieces which will make any outfit. The great thing about fashion is that while a lot of things aren’t necessarily to everyone’s taste, there are certain pieces we all know all appear time and time again, which is why the capsule wardrobe is so important.


Make sure everything you buy for your capsule wardrobe will work with something you already own; it’s the whole reason for creating one! Ensure that the colours and fit of the items are perfect for you. If you need help creating a perfect wardrobe, or are unsure of how you can make clothes work for you, do not hesitate to contact me. Good luck!

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