Essentials for your Spring wardrobe

With the spring season in full swing its time to give your wardrobe that well-needed spring clean and start to build your spring wardrobe. Over the winter months many of us have without a doubt built up a collection of lovely thick jumpers and lusciously warm coats to keep us safe from the winter chill. However with the weather gradually warming up, it’s time to say goodbye to those thick sweltering clothes and hello to thinner more comfortable ones in our spring wardrobe!


The spring season is a time of happiness and rebirth, so this can be an opportunity to recreate yourself, so treat yourself to some bright clothes and a variety of patterned items to give your wardrobe as well as yourself that extra oomph that comes along with the spring season.

Pastels are very in this season, and give your look a simple yet brilliant look, a must have in your spring wardrobe. Wide leg trousers are also very fashionable this season, popping up on runways all over the country. These trousers aren’t just for those with long slender legs, for those shorter or curvier women, higher waisted ones and those with less flare are beyond flattering.

Thin jumpers that are comfortable to layer with are another essential in your spring wardrobe, and can be worn with a collared shirt and statement necklace, or with tailored trousers. For some of the cooler days we have in spring, it’s a good idea to have a thin coat just to have an extra layer – and the ones to wear are streamlined collarless coats that are very flattering for all heights.


All those winter trends are long gone, it’s now time to update your look and get in touch with the new season.


Throw out any clothes that cannot be layered – e.g. thick jumpers, any clothes that don’t fit properly or have worn and torn over the last season. If you haven’t worn them at all, haven’t worn them recently, or you don’t feel comfortable in them those are other reasons not to keep clothes. If you have clothes that have nothing wrong with them, are perfectly wearable, and you feel comfortable in them, keep them and put them in a separate drawer or wardrobe to wear again next season.

If you need more help finding your spring wardrobe, get in contact with me soon and I’ll be happy to help!

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