Spring make-up trends

With a fresh new season upon us it’s time for a fresh new face! Here are some spring make-up trends to keep you on top of the current season.


For your lips, try some more coral shades. For light to medium skin, opt for the paler more pastel colours, and for olive and dark skin tones, the brighter shades are stunning. This spring make-up trend is a sure way to bring something new to your face, drawing attention to your lips and giving you a gorgeous pop of colour.


For eyes, the spring make-up trend is golden eye shadows. These are the things to be putting on your peepers this season. These golden shades open up your eyes and can make you look years younger. Lighter skin tones look best in champagne shades, darker tones suit bronze/golden hues. If you wear eyeliner, try the new cat eye look, which lifts your eyes, again making you look younger. To do this, start at the inside of your eye along the upper lash line, extending just to the end of the outer corner then flick upward. To get more control over this look, use a creamy gel-like liner.


The spring make-up trend in terms of cheeks is creamy bronzer. Rather than a matte bronzer, opt for a shimmery formula, as this will give you a youthful glow, and brightens your complexion. To achieve this look, smile and apply to the cheekbones.


There’s a big emphasis on minimalism for these spring make-up trends so don’t combine these at once. Try one each time, perhaps using the creamy bronzer as a staple this season, and only one of the others. This brings an emphasis to only one part of your face, so emphasise your best features, be it your eyes or your lips.


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