Socks and Sandals – Fad or here to stay?

I am sure you have seen countless fashion magazines showing models and fashionistas wearing sandals (both heeled and flat) with socks over the last few months. The question is have you actually seen anyone walking around in real life dressed like this?

Whilst this look can be attractive when teamed with the right overall outfit it needs confidence and know how to pull it off – definitely one for the more dramatic dressers amongst us. To make the look chic the sandals must be heeled with the heel chunky along with chunky straps. A closed toe also makes the overall look easier to carry off. Worn with rolled up boyfriend jeans or knee length full skirts is best. Match the colour of the socks to the sandals for a more low key look and crucially wear with the air and confidence of a fashionista.

Personally, I am not confidence this look is a stayer. Photos of the Olsen twins in black Birkenstocks with grey socks makes them look like bag ladies however ‘cool’ the rest of their outfits and models wearing this kind of look on the runaway is as realistic in the real world as Lady Gaga wearing a lobster on her head. It is another example of the fashion industry trying to keep reinventing the wheel to keep selling more clothing. If I tried this look, I know I would feel like a schoolgirl playing at dress up in mummy’s shoes. The ankle socks would break up the length of my leg making my legs look shorter…far more elegant to wear heeled sandals without socks.

However, if you do feel brave enough to try this look then you will be bang on trend for summer 2014. Elegance or trend that is the choice here?

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