Scarves, scarves, scarves! Autumn Trends 2014.

In autumn the days become colder, the air becomes crisper, the squirrels start to rummage supplies together and auburn fox fur grows long and unruly. Trees shed their leaves that make patterns on the path for your autumn fashion 2014, scarf fashion, style consultantchildren or grandchildren to walk, skip and jump on as you shepherd them to school… But one thing does not have to change: your enthusiasm for style and desire to explore beautiful autumnal colours.

Although many of the season’s colours leading into autumn and winter are often dark with a black or grey base, there is a solution to a dull coloured autumn and winter palette! Scarves were first worn in Ancient Rome to keep people clean, or to define rank in Ancient China. As time passed and decades of history flew by scarves grew popular among other cultures for the purpose of keeping warm. As fashion evolved throughout time new fabrics were developed and became popular as a scarf became an accessory, something to brighten up your wardrobe whilst of course still serving a practical purpose; to keep us warm and snuggly on frosty autumn days.

Scarves can be a soft alpaca or cashmere feel, woollen and knitted, painted silk or cool linen and come in many different styles such as the wrap, ruffled, square, rectangle and infinity scarf. My personal favourite is the long rectangle scarf, be it a pretty pastel colour, a sophisticated smoky grey or a patterned favourite of mine, rectangle scarves are the most easily worn of all scarfs due to the diversity of styles that they can be worn in.

We all know the more common ways of looping, tying and wearing scarves but consider this… rectangle scarves can be placed round your neck then knotted in the middle when wearing a more lightweight material for a more classy sophisticated approach of adding a beautiful gold, red, vermillion or plum touch to an evening dress on a night out. Alternatively why not try tying your scarf to the side with one strand longer than the other for a more artsy approach to accentuate any dull autumn or winter coat? Or perhaps adding a brooch to keep your scarf pinned once you have decided on a select style.

I can help you find deep or shocking shades to maximise your impact with my colour analysis and styling expertise. I can also help you discover new ways to wear scarves that make them look fresh and timeless so please feel free to contact me.

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