Retail Therapy

The question we want answering is this: does retail therapy ACTUALLY exist? Have a quick think about the last time you went shopping and how you felt about it. Shopping is supposed to be an enjoyable experience; it isn’t called retail therapy for nothing!


A survey conducted found that over half of the people they interviewed, both men and women, said they used saw shopping as ‘retail therapy’. Whether they wanted to cheer themselves up, celebrate or distress, these people used shopping to do this.


Retail therapy can be massively mood improving and can be brilliant in some circumstance (and often a lot more enjoyable and rewarding than actual therapy). If you’re going through a break up or you’re preparing for a new venture, whether that be a new job, or moving to a new city or country, a little bit of shopping can mentally prepare and refresh you.


On the subject of work, buying a whole new wardrobe for a new job can be thrilling. Preparing yourself for the new challenges ahead with a new pair of shoes and a pretty dress really is one way to boost your confidence and make you feel ready for the next big chapter.


Sometimes it’s not your clothing you wish to change. You may feel like you want to update the aesthetics in your home, and buying a couple of scatter cushions and a new duvet set is the way to go. Nothing feels better than a long hot bath and jumping into bed with new bedding.


Do you ever meet with your friends and go for coffee and shopping? It can be used as a form of socialising. Having a chat over lunch and then browsing the shops for something new to wear at the weekend is a great way to make some memories with your closest friends and have a nice day. If you’ve found some killer purchases, it also leaves you with satisfaction of having a rewarding day out!


As long as you shop in moderation, shopping is good for the soul. If you need to start hiding purchases from your loved ones and lying about what you’ve spent your money on, you may need to consider cutting back!


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