Project 333

Project 333


Ever heard about Project 333? It’s a minimalist fashion challenge devoted to aiding people to live for 3 months with only 33 items of clothing. Sounds tough, but if you choose your items carefully it should make dressing and looking god a lot easier; it’s more or less like living with a capsule wardrobe instead of a wardrobe stuffed full of clothes that you really don’t wear.


If you find the thought of Project 333 rather scary, you’ll probably find the thought of living with only 33 items implausible and would find it impossible to pare your wardrobe down to just this number of items (underwear, nightwear and sleepwear excluded) then what about some things you definitely can get rid of.


  • Anything stained or ripped – it will just sit in your wardrobe unworn taking up space
  • Anything belonging to an ex; they’re an ex for a reason and you certainly don’t need to hang on to a random bit of clothing to remember them!
  • Clothes that are too big or too small. You may gain or lose weight in the future but deal with it then.
  • Formal evening wear if you rarely go to black tie events anymore. If you do go to an event in the future you will inevitably want to buy a new dress so ditch the old stuff.
  • Shoes you cant walk in, however good they look! If you cant take more than 2 steps in them you will never wear them.
  • Ironic items i.e. Christmas Sweaters, deely boppers – they just make you look naff.
  • Unintentionally see through items – never a good look!
  • Anything you cant wear underwear with – you won’t wear it or if you do you’ll feel very uncomfortable and wish you had worn something else.
  • Sentimental items such as your wedding dress, graduation outfit or what you were wearing on your first date with your husband. Pack them in a box and store them away.
  • Anything that hasn’t been worn for 2 years or more.
  • Guilt items. If it was expensive but you don’t wear it – sell it on Ebay or at a car boot sale or give it to someone who will wear it!


Find your ruthless streak and have a dig through your wardrobe, and follow these tips to empty your wardrobe You’re 1 step closer to Project 333 already!

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