Pinterest Saves the Day!!




Tired of the trauma of trawling the shops?

Sick of hitting the high street and returning empty handed or with something that “will do” or that is “good enough” that you only wear a couple of times and it never sees the light of day again?

Fed up with never knowing what goes with what in your wardrobe and always rushing out of your bedroom feeling not quite pulled together?

Wanting to feel great in your clothes and with your appearance but generally feeling frumpy and a bit scruffy?

Then let an expert take the strain and without even moving from your sofa you can have a personal shopper working for you on a personalised Pinterest shopping list which is delivered to your inbox and with a point and click on your Pinterest board be at the retailers website ready to click and buy.

Based on your colouring, body shape, lifestyle and budget a carefully curated shopping list will be put together just for you either for an event like a wedding or holiday or for a seasonal update. As Pinterest allows you to readily see all the images on one easily viewed board you can have several items and outfit ideas appear in one go without the need to keep clicking to change page. Boards will include accessories, shoes, bags along with clothing items so that all you need to look fantastic can be viewed and bought with a couple of clicks.

Boards are created following a skype or phone discussion to ascertain what your shopping needs are and are delivered via an email link with an accompanying email to explain possible outfit combinations (where necessary).

Boards are kept secret so that only you can access and view them.

Shopping without the effort…A personal shopper without the cost… what are you waiting for?

Follow up

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