Personal Shopping – Perfectly Affordable!

Personal Shopping often seems to be equated with the super rich and something that only celebrities can afford to do but in reality it is not expensive and using an independent personal shopper will save you both money and time.  A freelance personal shopper such as myself has the whole of the high street to go at in terms of where to shop and crucially has a full understanding of what colours, shapes, patterns and accessories you should be buying. We are also very objective about you and your body and can therefore see clearly what will and what won’t suit you without any pre-conceived ideas of what you usually wear and what you tend to go for.

I spent a few hours shopping in Westfield Stratford with 2 sisters last week who have previously been colour and style and wardrobe audit clients. The first sister Lisa had around 2 hours with me at a cost of only £80 and this is what she had to say of her shopping experience:  ” We both had a wonderful day and achieved a lot more than we would have done on our own. I felt that outfits started to fit into place the more types of items we found. I achieved so much more in a couple of hours than I would have ever expected.  Definitely value for money to get items right first time rather than making time consuming online purchase mistakes.”

Natalie, the other sister, had around 3 hours with me concentrating on her requirements which included a new winter coat (she bought two) and helping her chose a pair of glasses that suited her face shape. This at a cost of only £120. She said the shopping trip was “exciting, useful, informative and a real confidence boost. My wardrobe now has a style and colour injection. A truly informal and enjoyable day”.

Natalie & Lisa

Lisa (left) and Natalie before we started


Both Natalie and Lisa had saved up for a few months to have some money to go shopping and to cover my cost.  Instead of buying 1-2 random items per month as so many of us do, they saved the money ready to be able to buy a selection of items that combined with their cleared out wardrobes, to create several outfits for a variety of occasions. Against the spend of a few hundred pounds each, my fee paled into insignificance as they ended up with a fantastic array of clothing that will suit them for years to come and will work with what they already have and without ANY need to return anything to the shop. Nothing will hang in the wardrobe untouched with tags still on as they are itching to start wearing everything, as they looked amazing in everything they bought. Shopping is very easy when you know what colours and styles you should be going for.

Lisa & Natalie in John Lewis

Natalie & Lisa in John Lewis


Both of them will only need to shop a couple of times a year so saving hours in unproductive shopping trips and even factoring in my fee will save a fortune as they will only buy what suits them and what they need and everything will get worn so their cost per wear will be low. A win win all round!  We’re already all looking forward to our joint shopping trip in the spring.

All shopped out!

All shopped out…a successful day!

Going on a shopping trip with a friend or relative and taking a personal shopper with you is a great way to have a fun day out but get your shopping done too. There’s always time for a coffee or two and lunch… it’s all part of the day out!

Other options would be to go in a group of 4-6 people and have just 1 hour each with me. Quite long enough to get an outfit for an event or shop for a specific item like a winter coat. Other options would be to start the shopping yourself and just have me around to sense check your purchases before you buy and suggest some outfit combinations.

Always wanted to have a personal shopper but just never quite got around to it? Now you know what good value and how easy it is, give me a call or drop me an email – I’d love to hear from you. Locations and prices are flexible. Whatever your requirements I’m sure I could accommodate you.

Follow up

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