Organise your Wardrobe!

The 10th saw Chaos Never Dies day in, which has given us some inspiration. The idea of chaos being something we can’t help is a difficult notion to accept, so what can we do to take control? We can organise your wardrobe, of course!


You could start by taking control of the mess in your wardrobe. Chaotic mornings are hideous at best, so if you organise your wardrobe you’re eliminating some of the stress of waking up each day. When you organise your wardrobe, you can also take away some of the distress of everyday life. As well as knowing where all of your clothes are, you won’t have one item in there which doesn’t suit you. It will also make clothes shopping a lot easier, as you’ll know what you’re lacking in, therefore what you need will be apparent to you.


A wardrobe review is something a personal shopper can do for you. They would sort through the entirety of your wardrobe and throw away anything which doesn’t suit you. No area of your wardrobe will be left untouched, with your stylist tackling everything from your underwear and sleepwear, to your shoes and jewellery. You may be wondering why they would throw away your belongings. If it doesn’t suit you, you don’t need it; it’s as simple as that. Once they have been removed from your wardrobe, you can benefit from them once again! Places such as ebay or clothes re-sellers will take your items, and you’ll earn money! This will be based on the colour and style of the item of clothing, and the type of lifestyle you lead, or how you wish to present yourself to others.


Once we organise your wardrobe, all clothes storage including drawers and cupboards will then be sorted into sections, so that you can clearly see each type of clothing. After this, you and your stylist will be able to see where you need to build up your wardrobe. You may have thrown away 6 pairs of jeans which don’t suit or fit you during the detoxing process, so you will need to purchase some more! If nothing else, look at it as a chance to go shopping!


Organise your wardrobe and wave goodbye to the chaos with Thomasin Newton

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