Nude Tights – A Yay or a Nay!

nude tights

For 9 months of the year good old black, navy, or any colour you chose to wear, opaques are the order of the day! M&S, John Lewis, Primark and all major department stores do a great line in opaque tights in a multitude of colours, patterns and designs…  Wear them with midi, maxi , knee length or even mini length skirts and dresses as well as with culottes, wide leg cropped jeans and so on.. they always work and look good…..Nude tights just don’t even feature….  

However, what to wear the other 3 months of the year when the sun is shining and it’s just too hot to wear opaque tights? If you are self-employed or work in an environment where a casual-ish dress code reigns then bare legs are de rigeur. However, if you work in a fairly corporate office environment or have blemished legs or visible varicose veins then what to wear? There’s no denying that nude tights have negative connotations of Kate Middleton pairing them with a court shoe and knee length dress looking very prim and proper…What to wear to look modern and stylish but still in keeping with the corporate dress code where bare legs ,unless tanned to perfection, are regarded as a no-no? 

A client recently asked me this very question and I have to admit it made me think…. how should I respond to her? 

My immediate reaction would be to advise her to wear midi dresses/skirts, culottes and summer weight trousers so that the need for tights is removed. However, in some office environments knee length skirts/dresses are almost a uniform that must be adhered to… so how to wear them in the summer months?  I would definitely advise getting the fake tan out but if you don’t feel confident dressing without wearing tights then the only option remains to try a pair of nude tights that closely matches your natural skin colour.. I suggest trying  which has 7 different skin tone nude tights available so whether you have very fair, olive or black or asian skin there should be a nude tight colour that closely matches your own skin tone. The aim of the perfect nude tight is to mask any leg imperfections and give the illusion that you are not wearing any tights…. I admit I haven’t tried Heist tights for myself.. but if they are good enough for Meghan Duchess of Sussex then they are probably worth road testing!  

nude tights

So to sum up…. wear clothing in the summer where tights are not needed such as midi dresses/skirts, culottes or trousers, try fake tan….Sally Hansen Airbrush for legs is recommended  which comes in a variety of colours and finally if you must wear nude tights give the Heist range a whirl! 

Let me know how you get on! 

Follow up

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