Mother’s day

With Mother’s day fast approaching, women all over the country will be frantically arranging plans with their loved ones. Whether it’s going to a restaurant to eat with the children, spending a weekend away in the city or just having a relaxing weekend at home, it’s mum’s day to be pampered and feel good. Mother’s day is also a great chance to start wearing your spring wardrobe and no matter what your age there is a prefect mother’s day outfit for everyone.

One of the big trends this spring is the full midi skirts seen all over the high street this season and is perfect for women in their 30s, showing only the slimmest part of the leg. While in previous seasons more masculine outfits and tailoring have been popular, this spring it is all about embracing femininity and Mother’s day couldn’t be a more perfect time to do so.

Full midi skirts come in a range of colour and patterns, but for Mother’s day sticking to the classic spring pastels or floral print would be ideal. Pair with some light coloured heels, a simple white or cream blouse and you have the perfect Mother’s day outfit. However, no outfit is complete without accessories. If wearing a simple skirt and top add a statement necklace, bracelet or clutch bag to your outfit. If wearing a pattered skirt keep the accessories subtle and simple as the skirt will be the main focus of your outfit. With these skirts being so popular there is huge variety on the high street right now, perfect for a range of body shapes and budgets!

While the full midi skirts are in trend this season, it doesn’t mean they’re the only skirts we can wear. Skirts that stop right at or just above the knee are ideal for women in their 40s and overall are the most flattering length for most women.  Wearing a tight skirt at this length and loose fitting blouse would be a great Mother’s day outfit, pair it with a nice fitted jacket and mid heels you have an outfit that is simple yet chic.

Your mum deserves to be treated like a queen, so it’s the perfect opportunity to dress her up and give her the day she deserves.

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