Mary’s Dressing Delights

So the last technical challenge has been served, the final showstopper dished up and the 2014 winner crowned.  Whilst we sob into our creme patissiere at the demise of another Bake Off series we can take some consolation from one area that we can still get out teeth into; Mary Berry’s wardrobe.  Not only is she a superlative cook but also dresses like a dream and is a fantastic role model to show that women over a certain age can and should look amazing.
To break it down she has a very good understanding of what colours suit her best and rarely deviates away from this summer pallet  – the one notable exception being the peachy/orange bomber jacket from Limited Edition at M&S which incidentally sold out within hours of her sporting it during one episode this series.
She always has impeccable hair, nails and makeup – looking groomed is increasingly important as we age.  Her teeth have been enhanced – perhaps inevitably given all the screen time she gets – but it does create a fresher look.
Mary Berry - fashion

bake off fashion treats

She always covers her arms and chest – areas which more visibly show the toll that aging takes on our skin but manages to not look all bundled up on even the sunniest spring days.
Accessories are a permanent fixture – be it a scarf or beads or a delicate necklace – understanding that accessories are essential to a finished look.
Always darker colours on the bottom half with lighter,brighter and patterns on the top half to balance her slightly pear shaped figure out. Mainly separates as it is easier to disguise a tummy and  is possible to create more outfit options with a selection of tops and bottoms. She’s not averse to wearing jeans – always in a flattering style – no skinnies for her – which give her a youthful edge.
She has a very classic style which tends to occur as we get older as we start eschewing the trends of youth but still manages to look fresh and current.  Overall a polished and age appropriate best version of herself. Long may she carry on in television giving us all inspiration and a master class in fantastic dressing for the post 50’s woman.

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