Making the most of your man with a men’s makeover

men's makeover

Time for a men’s makeover?

Does your significant other need a little bit of a style makeover…or possibly your dad, brother or son?

Do you wish he’d maybe step away from the old band t-shirt, saggy jeans and ancient trainers?

Perhaps he could benefit from a little bit of expert help with a men’s makeover so that he complements you when you are out and about together not looks like someone you are looking after for the day!

Historically, I have always focused on working with ladies since launching my styling business but so many of my clients have asked me over the years if I could work with their husband, partner, dad or son that I’ve decided to start offering styling services to men. I have worked with a few guinea pigs over the last few months and have really enjoyed the sessions and the feedback seems to be very positive. A quote from a recent client, Jamie, is:

“After a visit from Thomasin I finally have rid myself of so many old clothes that I was unable to sort through and discard alone, making for some very helpful decluttering. The result is a collection of clothes that I know suit me well as a person and match my colouring. The bespoke Pinterest board and colour swatch provided me with lots of helpful colour and style ideas for the future, so I now have much more confidence in shopping for clothes. I would recommend the service that Thomasin offers to men as well as women, she is not just helpful but also friendly and professional”.

How it works

I offer one core service which involves me coming to your house and initially explaining what colours suit you and why along with a male colour swatch to keep. I then spend a couple of hours clearing out the wardrobe including coats, shoes, belts, ties, sports wear and hats. During this session the client tries on lots of their clothing in the mirror so they can start to see what suits them and why and also what doesn’t work so well and why. Once the wardrobe is fully sorted into items that really work for his body shape, colouring and lifestyle I then create a virtual shopping list on pinterest. This is shared with the client to give shopping ideas and inspiration.

If the client so wishes this core service can then be supplemented with a 1-2 hour shopping trip to try items on and hopefully buy a few key items to enhance their rejuvenated wardrobe.

I normally schedule a an initial chat with the client to explain the process and the related benefits so that when I arrive at his house ready to do the wardrobe clearout he is comfortable with the process.

For more information on my male styling services read here.

Follow up

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