Leather trousers..if it’s good enough for Teresa May it’s good enough for us (and they suit everyone!)

leather trousers

Teresa May wearing Amanda Wakeley


When an article appeared in the Sunday Times colour supplement in the autumn interviewing Teresa May I read it with interest and in particular clocked her outfit which showed her wearing brown leather trousers. A true style maven I thought and internally applauded her sartorial choice, then thought no more about it. The following week there was a social media furore due to the price of the trousers. Allegedly £995 from Amanda Wakeley. Needless to say, the dust settled on this little spat and politicos moved onto the next important issue. However, I believe the social media fuss missed the point entirely. This  was a woman virtually in her 60’s rocking leather trousers and looking fab not in a sexy overt way but in a stylish, elegant and understated way. If she can wear them well, then all of us post 40, can most certainly wear them too!

For too long leather trousers have been associated with ageing rockers clad head to toe in black pvc or leather. They most definitely have become a classic item that any well dressed woman should consider adding to her wardrobe. Worn in the right way any woman regardless of age, shape or size can wear them well and if your budget doesn’t stretch to leather then pleather or faux leather trousers can look just as good.


Where to source leather trousers

A quick peruse of the shop style app brings over 5000 pairs of ladies leather trousers available to purchase in the UK. From the Asos or H&M pleather versions for £25 to the Hush or Baukjen leather leggings versions for around £300 through to offerings from Isabel Marant or Ralph Lauren for over £1000 there is something for everyone.


leather trousers

Liv Leggings – Baukjen

My personal favourites are the Liv Leggings from Baukjen which come in 5 colourways including black, claret,navy, chestnut and chocolate. This is a positive step away from perennial black especially for those of us who don’t have cool colouring and find it difficult to pull black off.  I have my eye on the bitter chocolate ones!  A client who has great curvy shaped legs and is a size 12-14 recently bought these leggings and looks amazing in them.. as we concluded “good for both a Xmas night out and for Xmas shopping”..she’ll never look back now she has a pair of these! Expensive at £350 but she will wear them for years to come, they will always look good and always be useful and the cost per wear will keep dropping the more she wears them.


leather trousers

Esprit Bordeaux Red Leather Trousers


M&S, H&M and Sosander all have good faux leather offerings that won’t set you back too much so you can try them out without breaking the bank. If  you find them a useful addition to your winter wardrobe you can consider upgrading to a leather pair in the autumn or when you next see them on special offer. I have my beady eye on this pair from Esprit (love the colour). I  think I will buy them and if they really do rock my world I will invest in the Baukjen pair next year.

leather trousers

Hush Leather Leggings

Me&Em and Hush – two of my favourite online brands for stylish, well priced and good quality items that suit the modern woman’s lifestyle both have great offerings. Hush as shown above is priced similarly to Baukjen with Me & Em leather trousers for sale at over £500. They  also do have a half an half option for £400.


How to wear leather trousers

If you are tall and slim or are more rounded on top with great legs then you can wear leather trousers any way you want. With a knit and boots for daytime or with a shorter dressier top and heels for going out… the possibilities are endless . If you are more hourglass or pear shaped then you too can wear leather leggings..for day wear a top that covers the top of your thighs with boots to balance out your hips and thighs and for evening swap to a sheerer top that is more glitzy but still long enough to obscure the tops of your thighs or pair with  a long line shirt or sleeveless waistcoat..anything that skims over your thighs, hips and bums. A faux fur gillet always looks a million dollars with leather trousers.

Don’t believe me? Try with the pleather or faux-leather option and I guarantee you won’t regret it.. stylish, elegant, versatile for day or night, comfy and affordable (if you go for the pleather option). You will always have something to wear throughout the autumn and winter. They will become a staple item of your wardrobe.. a classic that will work for as long as you are happy to wear them!


Follow up

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