Layering up this Spring!

Layering up this Spring!


Although we all had high hopes of this Spring with a few scattered beautiful sunny days, many of us taking a trip down to the seaside even to enjoy the rays, we have come to a miserable medium, many of the days being on the chillier side. Wind, rain, and dull skies are upon us, but just because the weather isn’t looking good doesn’t mean you can’t! My word of advice to still look stylish while keeping warm is layers, layers, layers!


There is no better way to keep yourself warm while still looking chic than layering, this also allows you to wear more than one piece of your favorite clothing, what more can a woman want! Opt for a sleek chiffon scarf rather than woolen, as it won’t make you feel too warm but will still keep you safe from those cold breezes.


Cigarette and trousers are what to have on your bottom half – smart, chic, and surprisingly toasty. These are perfect paired with a long thin coat, which both lengthens and slims your figure; a definite must for shorter or plumper women. On your top half experiment with collared tops and detailed blouses accompanied with statement necklaces.


Small heels and court shoes are what to treat your feet to for occasions or work days, heels slim your legs no matter their height, so if your legs are your best feature accentuate them further and treat yourself to a pair or five! If you don’t fancy baring your feet, chunky boots are your go to footwear, providing both comfort and style for your outfit.


Some people feel put out by this weather that only seems to be getting worse but don’t let it get you down! Summer is closer than you think, and those of you lucky enough to be vacationing this year have even more to look forward to!

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