Key Spring Colours 2014

They key spring colours of 2014 are here. According to the Pantone Colour Institute, the colours we should all be expecting to wear this season are fairly calm. We’ll see a mixture of shades this year, which will make a welcome change from the bright colours that, quite frankly, don’t suit some people at all.


A modern twist has been taken on the traditional key spring colours this year, and soft pastels have been paired eye-catching brights. Designers have taken their inspiration from a host of different feelings and events, such as travelling abroad and confident women. It’s a time to refresh and disregard common wisdom, and colour is the perfect way to do just this.


First place in the colour stakes this year is ‘Dazzling Blue’, which around 18% of designers chose for their runway pieces. It’s not a far cry from navy, and while it’s quite bright, it’ll also be recognized as a neutral colour this season, which means it’s set to become the most practical seasonal colour!


Luckily, the pastel hues, which are a staple every year in the key spring colour chart – Placid Blue, Violet Tulip and Hemlock – can be combined with any of the other colours in the spring spectrum, so we’re spoilt for choice. Neutral tones are important this season, too, with Sand becoming the number one go to colour, especially for those with Autumn colouring. Paloma is another neutral, and can be worn alone or combined. It screams sophistication and simplicity.


Obviously, we’ll be welcoming back bold colours, too, such as Celosia Orange and Cayenne. They add spice to an otherwise bland colouring, and are perfect for those with Autumnal skin. Radiant Orchid and Dazzling Blue are perfect for those with Winter colouring.


The great thing about this season’s colour palette is that it’s full circle; it caters for all of us. None of us will be left lost, with ‘nothing to wear’ because there are tones available to us which suit us perfectly!




Key Spring Colours 2014

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