Do You Need An Image Consultant?

thinking womanHow an Image Consultant Can Change Your Life

Image consultants in Essex are increasingly being used every day, but what exactly do we do?

First impressions are everything. No matter where we go we are judged on our appearance; the way we dress being at the forefront of this scrutiny. A lot of time and money is spent on our image, but how much of this is spent wisely? You may think that jacket is fantastic but maybe it just doesn’t suit you. An Image Consultant will show you exactly what you’re doing wrong or right.

Image consultants offer a whole range of services, from colour analysis – finding out what colours suit you and why, to wardrobe consolidation – creating new outfits out of old pieces in the back of your wardrobe. Knowing which colours suit you will make your skin glow all the time, and you may surprise yourself by finding out that colours you thought would look ridiculous, actually look fabulous!

Often, we wander through life not really knowing what suits us. Almost every single person is guilty of buying something because it is in fashion at the time. This item goes on to spend a lifetime holed up in the back of your wardrobe, with the original tags attached. An Image consultant will stop this from happening. We show you the clothes which flatter your body shape, and get rid of those which highlight all the wrong places.

Have you ever stepped out of the house and felt uncomfortable in what you’re wearing, because you feel it might not suit you? Knowing something looks good on you makes you feel good on the inside, and this is essentially what an image consultant does; knows what looks good, to make you feel great. Wearing something which makes you look as attractive as you feel does wonders for you confidence.

If you need an image consultant in the Essex area, look no further. Contact today to find out more!

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