How to dress for an interview – Dress for success charity helps vulnerable women

Dress for Success Comes to Colchester


I’m sure many of you have heard of the charity Smart Works (formerly known as Dress for Success) which aims to help vulnerable women in the London area back into employment, by giving them an interview outfit and coaching prior to interview, showing them how to dress for an interview, subsequent work outfits, and mentoring once they have secured a job.  But did you know a similar charity called wowfactor based in Colchester, launched in March 2014 by Loraine Davies and her 3 trustees Bolaji, Traci and Hope?


Using referrals from the Food Bank, CVS, Job Centre, Mind and other local charities, wowfactor aims to help make a difference one woman at a time. Wowfactor helps vulnerable women back into employment and showing them how to dress for an interview. This is achieved by offering interview ready outfits and interview technique coaching once they have secured an interview, followed up with a 3 month mentoring programme and 2 work outfits once they have been successful in gaining employment.


The charity currently operates out of Kingsland Church in Lexden but is looking to move to a more permanent location once funding is secured and will be manned by a team of volunteer dressers and coaches alongside mentors drawn from the local business community.  Referrals will only be made once an interview has been secured.


Paid work is a hugely important part of many women’s lives.  The economic security provided by earning an income can give women the strength to leave abusive relationships, the opportunity to provide fully for their children and the freedom and self-confidence to choose the course of their lives. Giving them assistance with how to dress for an interview, along with the other mentoring helps them get back onto the working ladder, helping them feel more confident in themselves.


Donations of ladies clothing, accessories and shoes in good condition are required. Clothing doesn’t have to be suits it can be any work appropriate item in sizes from 8-18.  Volunteers to work as mentors, dressers and interview coaches are also needed.  For more information, email or post on the wowfactor Facebook page.


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