How to decide what to wear and buy each season (without having to go shopping)


how to decide what to wear and buy

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

So many of my clients say they have no idea where to start buying clothes and are keen not to waste money so that when they do buy items they will actually wear them and get the wear out of them…. with this in mind I have compiled an easy guide to how to decide what to wear and buy for the coming season which I actually do follow more or less to the letter myself.. I hope you find it helpful..

1.Sign up to email alerts from your favourite shops so you will get details of all new offerings plus ideas on how to put outfits together and details of sales, discounts and other offers. Ones that I recommend and receive emails from are amongst others Hush, FCUK, Whistles, Finery, Sosandar. Me & Em, Baukjen , Boden, John Lewis, M&S, Topshop and H&M. This gives me a good cross reference of shops, prices and target market which helps me start to build up a profile of what is coming into the shops across a range of price points and age ranges.

2. I then use this info to start creating a seasonal pinboard. This is my current one that I have just started pinning on..follow it if you would like some inspiration for your own. Every time I get an email alert of items that I like I pin the item(s) on the board. Slowly over time you will build up a profile of items and trends that you like and start to get a mental picture of possibilities to consider buying.

3. Look through fashion magazines and catalogues either in hard copy or online. This again should give you ideas of what is coming, what you like and how to put outfits together. Anything you like track down online if in a hard copy magazine and pin on your seasonal pin board.

4. Follow style influencers on Instagram for outfit ideas and inspiration. It call all be quite contrived on Instagram but if you find a couple that resonate with you then just follow them and that should give you more than enough food for thought.A few I recommend are Beth Goodrham_stylist, Erica_Davies and doesmybumlook40.

5. Read the daily press online. The Times always has a style article and Sunday Times Style magazine is always full of interesting style and fashion spreads for inspiration.

6. If you are a keen pinner then pinterest itself can also be a source of great ideas that you can then pin on your own board.

7. If you do happen to find yourself in a shop or two then their key pieces are always placed at the front of the shop as you walk in so they immediately catch you eye as you enter the shop.

8. Sign up to emails from style blogs. My favourite is Who What Wear (UK version) but I also find The Pool has great fashion and style articles too.

Gradually over a couple of months.. January and February for spring/summer and August and September for autumn/winter a mental profile of  what you like and what will suit you and what you will actually wear based on your colouring, body shape and lifestyle will emerge. You only need to buy a few key pieces each season to look current and add modernity to your existing wardrobe but the trick is only exactly what these items should be. It will differ from person to person. I send out a bi-annual seasonal round up in March and October of what I think the key pieces that 40 plus women should buy but it is inevitably quite generic so use this as a further aid to hone your own pinboard. Once you have your list of 5-6 key items you would like to buy find the exact item that meets all your requirements ie colour, price and style and order it or buy directly if you happen to be in the shop. Try it on and be critical.. is it exactly what you wanted, is it flattering, will it work with other items in your wardrobe and most importantly do you feel great in it? If not… send it back or return it and move on to the next item. Don’t remove the tags when you put it in your wardrobe…only do that when you come to actually wear it as you can then still change your mind if you come across an even better ie pair of boots or floral maxi dress or whatever it may be…

Following this easy step by step guide of what to wear and buy each season might seem prescriptive but it will bear fruits in a lower spend on spontaneous items that you don’t end up wearing much or at all and a more coherent and flattering wardrobe that you wear and feel and look great in!

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