A session with a personal stylist will boost your self-compassion

boost your self-compassion


Self-acceptance is the foundation of self-esteem – so the saying goes.. or the foundation of self-compassion which is the new buzz word to use instead of self-esteem. Self-esteem has tinges of narcissism and comparison about it apparently, whereas self-compassion enables you to see yourself (and others) as a flawed human being on a journey who will make mistakes and has some good and some less good attributes, skills and qualities.

Regardless of the terms used, the concept is the same, which is that you have to be at peace with yourself both physically and mentally and able to accept your personal attributes – both good and bad. In relation to your personal appearance this could be an acceptance of your height, your overall body shape i.e. short legs, rounded shoulders, large boobs, no boobs and so on and your colouring; red hair, freckles, blue eyes, no hair, grey hair etc etc

So many clients that I see confess that they hate a certain part of their body or that they wish they were taller or that their hair hadn’t gone grey, that it wasn’t so curly, that they didn’t need to wear glasses and so on and on. If people were fundamentally accepting of their appearance they would feel happier and more confident to face the world as instead of railing against how they looked..a negative view- they could take steps to address what they feel to be their physical shortcomings – a more empowered and positive step. Such an example would be “I wish I didn’t have short legs, I feel like I look dumpy all the time and that my legs look like sausages”  contrasted with “I can see that I have short legs compared to other people around me – how can I make the most of the legs that I do have?”  Positive steps to take would then be to find out how to make legs look longer either by browsing online for tips and information, reading in magazines or coming to see a personal stylist whose sole aim is to give you guidance to make the most of the body and colouring that you do actually have.. not the body that you would like to have but the one that you have.

Speaking from my own experience – having a colour analysis done when I was in my mid-20’s helped me massively with my self-acceptance/self-compassion as I learned about the different looks that humans present with; soft and light or bright and deep etc and saw how and why anyone could look fantastic once they understand their own colouring and how to make the best of it. Now I understood why I didn’t look very good in black or bright colours and why my best friend did, but also crucially how I could make myself look just as good as her but in a different way by wearing sludgy and muted colours with similar makeup colours. It was this initial colour analysis session which set me on the road to complete (well almost) self-acceptance of my physical  appearance. If I didn’t like this or that about myself there were tools and tips I could use to make the most of myself.

Don’t believe what I’m saying? I guarantee that a colour analysis or style analysis will boost your self-compassion about your physical appearance.. whatever your age, race, gender or background it can only be a positive thing to understand how best to dress based on your colouring and body shape.  Using this information you will start to be more at peace with your physical appearance as you will be certain that you are a) accepting of yourself and b) making the most of yourself as you are.

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