Group consultations

Group consultations are a great idea for people who may feel uncomfortable having one on one time with someone they’ve never met before. Or even if you’re just looking for a reason to get a few of your best friends together and do something fun, then group consultations could work for you!


Group consultations are incredibly entertaining and simultaneously encourage you to coax out your inner style diva whilst allowing you to spend some quality time with your girlfriends. As we get older, our lives seem to get far busier, so it’s nice to set some time aside and catch up with some of the people that mean the most. By combining this with discovering how to look your best, you couldn’t really ask for much more of a buzz.


So if you have a hen do coming up, or fancy a girls night in, no matter what the occasion I have two other fantastic options on top of Group Consultations; Colour or Style Parties and tasters. A Colour or Style Party is charming in ways no other could be. Get all of your friends to come dressed in their favourite shade, or as their most inspiring style icon, which is always more surprising than you’d imagine! It’s always fascinating to see who people look up to, even when they’re grown adults themselves, or what colour they’d choose to dress in every day if they could. My parties and tasters are also a great induction to something that’s a mystery to many women – what do you look best in?


If none of this sounds right for you, I also do talks and presentations entirely free of charge, with no obligations. My talks can either be to a handful of your friends or in an auditorium, and all about Colour and Style analysis.


Colour and Style analysis is only a minute part of the personal image world, but a small change can make such a huge difference in terms of how you look and feel about yourself.

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