Festival Makeup: the good, the bad and… the ugly

For many people festivals are an excuse to embrace the boho-chic, floral headbands and little gold trinkets are pulled out, and makeup becomes exciting, more of a play-thing than a necessity as people play with colours, dots and flowers and stars dotted around their face.

Although I would agree that it is important to have fun and be creative with your hair and makeup I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, and so complied together some useful tips on festival fashion so you look your best on sunny festivals days and in photos which you will treasure forever.

The Good: if you have long hair the options are seemingly endless, plaits, flowers, up, down, a pretty bun, a clipped back fringe and so forth. However, if you adorn your daughter in plaits and flowers chances are you want something a little more sophisticated whilst retaining a fun, relaxed and summery look.

I would recommend leaving your hair loose and making it curly or wavy (if you aren’t already really lucky with long curly hair) and then adding a flower clip to pin back one half of your hair. Not only will this keep you cool but it is a great way to bring out your eyes after my colour styling analysis and adds some chic fun and sparkle whilst retaining a more mature look which is on trend with 2014 festival fashion.

If your hair is short I would suggest a subtle headband, gold is a beautiful summer colour and it will sparkle in the sun as you dance ad move around throughout the day!

The Bad: no-no’s for makeup include all over face paint, it is impractical as you will get warm and perspired it will slide down your face and chances are you will bump into a colleague with a big butterfly on your face… how embarrassing.

I would also say no to heavy eyes or the smoky-eye look for a pretty festival fashion warmer look.

I like little ornaments of colour and gold’s such as dots and butterflies next to your eyes, but they must be subtle and of course in good taste. A little goes a long way!

The ugly: No really bright eye shadows as often they look garish, I would suggest subtle shades of colour which are light and correspond with your outfit, this will enhance your eyes and draw attention to your pretty face, but without it being obvious as to why. People will be trying to guess all day how you look so good.

As for hair, subtle flower headbands are nice, but nothing too big or bright. You are not 18 anymore, but you can still look wonderful and show them all up without having to be completely over the top.

As for clips, two smaller flowery clips, or one larger is ideal, no more than this. Any accessory you wear should match the tones in your outfit and I would suggest gold for summer… you will feel like you are wearing the sunshine.

Hope these tips help, if you need any further festival fashion advice please do not hesitate to contact me, don’t forget your sun cream and have a fabulous time!

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