Festival Fashion

Festival season is well and truly upon us and with the weather finally heating up the thought of going to a festival is definitely an appealing prospect!
The big question, of course, is what to wear to look both chic and on trend whilst bearing in mind the weather, the portaloos, the lack of washing facilities and the crowds.
For many years festival chic has been influenced by the Kate Moss Glastonbury look circa 2005 – cut-off denim shorts, hunter wellies with a boho-eque top finished off with artfully tousled tresses. This is still a relevant look – the good news about festival dressing is that it doesn’t change much from year to year!
However, certain new items have crept into festival dressing this year which will definitely up the ante for 2014… Tight lycra jumpsuits worn with jacket and boots (celebs are wearing the brand Ekat)..not for the figure shy! Hand painted leather jackets with embellished details and punk slogans and a lot of folk-tinged items ie embroided jackets, fedoras, fringing and peasant tops  are all big business this year!
Wellies (Hunters of course!) are always an obvious choice but shorty ones are popular this year. However any kind of leather boots will keep your feet dry. Shorts always look good if you have the legs along with a patterned floaty top or dress topped off with a floppy brimmed hat, headband, masses of friendship bracelets and long beads/pendants.
Don’t forget your crossbody bag for your wetwipes, loo roll, spare socks, lighweight parka, dry shampoo and lippy and one last piece of advice! NEVER EVER wear flipflops… regardless of how hot and sunny it is…. two words – portaloo toilets!! 
Enjoy the party!