Effortless Accessorising – Easy tips to getting it right!

Selection of accessories

Selection of accessories


“A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories” – Oscar de la Renta

A common complaint or issue I often hear from women is that they don’t know how to accessorise and so subsequently often don’t bother with scarves, jewellery, belts, bag or hats for fear of getting it wrong.

Accessories maketh the outfit in my opinion so here to demystify this whole area of dressing are some simple tips to make it easy!

  • Gold or Silver?

Gold coloured jewellery works better with warm undertones and silver coloured jewellery works better with cool. You can work out what undertone you have by experimenting with a gold bangle and silver bangle on your wrist. If you have cool skin the silver one will look better against your skin and the gold one look brassy and cheap.  If you have warm skin the gold bangle will look expensive against your skin and the silver one like nothing special.  This applies to all types of jewellery be it costume, statement or dress jewellery and also to all metallic glasses and sunglasses. If you tan easily, have greeny coloured veins and have a slight yellow tinge to your skin (look at the inside of your wrist to gauge) then you probably have a warm skin tone.  If you tend to go red in the sun, have bluey veins and pinky looking skin then you probably have cool skin.

  • What’s your scale?

This is nothing to do with weight but what size accessories you should be wearing based on your frame. This can be best gauged by your foot size. Size 4 and below is normally a petite frame normally quite short.  Accessories including necklaces, jewellery, buttons, patterns, details, bags and heels should be kept relatively small  so as not to swamp your frame.  If you have size 5-6 feet then you probably have an average frame and within reason can wear most necklaces, buttons, patterns, detailing, bags, heels and glasses. Though be careful not to go for anything too small or too big.  If you have size 7 feet or above then you are large scale so accessories should be relatively big including bag, heels, patterns, prints, scarves and jewellery.  Anything too small will make you look bigger in comparison.

  • Face shape versus necklines

If you have a round or oval face shape then rounded, scoop or sweetheart necklines work best. If you have a square, oblong or triangle face shape then slash, square, boat or v-neck will work best. Which neckline you are wearing combined with your scale and skin tone will then indicate what kind of necklace to go for.  There are endless permutations of  necklace and neckline combinations but some classic pairings to bear in mind are a crew neck with a bib collar, a square neck with an angular pendant, boat neck with long beads and a v-neck with v-shaped pendants.

  • Buy, buy, buy

Once you know what colour accessories, what size and weight then build up a collection of items that you can mix and match with your clothing.  A handful of necklaces, bangles, bracelets, earrings, scarves, belts and bags will go a long way to lifting your outfits and changing the look of a dress, top and skirt or trousers combination.  If you see an item you like but aren’t sure when/what you will wear it with, buy it as you will find a use for it before too long and the more inexpensive accessories you build up, the more looks you can create around your existing wardrobe of clothes. Accessories can be sourced inexpensively from all sorts of places including supermarkets, charity shops, pre-loved shops and markets along with mainstream high street shops.

  • Scarves Rule! 

If in doubt put on a patterned scarf.  Scarves are the easiest way to lift a look in a matter of seconds. Paired with the simplest and most ordinary outfit they can make the wearer look 100 times better. There are countless ways to wear them and they give the impression of a pulled together outfit (even if you have just got dressed in a rush). Wearing a flash of colour, in the form of a scarf, on the top balances out your bottom half, adds colour and interest to any outfit and makes you look effortless and polished. Building up a selection of scarves in your good colours is a very easy starting point to getting used to wearing accessories and is what I always tell my clients to get cracking with after a consultation with me.

Follow up

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