Easy ways to help you do your own wardrobe clearout!

wardrobe clearout

Perfectly sorted wardrobe


One of my key services and an integral part of my most popular package is a wardrobe clearout..also known as a wardrobe weed, wardrobe cleanse, wardrobe detox,wardrobe audit or wardrobe sort… However you describe it… it all boils down to the same thing.. sorting out all the items in your wardrobe.. this includes not only clothes but also accessories, bags, shoes, coats, jewellery and even makeup and nail varnish . The idea behind any kind of wardrobe sort is to get rid of the rubbish, the items that you don’t wear, that don’t suit you – leaving behind only items that make the most of you, your colouring, your body shape, your lifestyle and your personal preferences.

Obviously, I would advocate getting someone like me, a personal stylist, to assist you, as to get the best results you need someone objective involved who has no emotional attachment to your clothes and who has the training and experience to be able to explain to you why a certain item works or doesn’t. However, if you would like to have a go at doing your own wardrobe clearout yourself then read on to get some easy pointers to put you on the right track.


Take the task section by section

Start with your wardrobe and take everything out and lay on your bed. Immediately discard anything where the colour and/or style is wrong. To understand what colours and styles you should be wearing contact me to book a colour and style analysis .  Anything that you haven’t worn for over a year and anything that doesn’t fit or you no longer like should also be discarded.Similarly anything that is stained, faded or damaged and anything that you know you have no need for i. e. a work suit if you no longer work in an office. Once you have dealt  with your wardrobe then move onto your chest of drawers, under the bed, stuff in the loft, in the coat cupboard etc etc until all items have been reviewed.


Make distinct piles

Make distinct piles of the discarded items – i.e. sell at a Dress Agency – a good local one is The Dressing Room in Witham , sell on Ebay, sell at a car boot for the less valuable items, give to a friend or relative and/or save for a Swish. Other piles would be; give to a charity shop, items to dye and items to alter or mend. Make sure you put each item in a bin bag or other large bag and clearly label it so that what needs doing with each bag is clearly visible.


Analyse what remains

Once you have sorted out the obvious transgressors from your wardrobe then try each item on. Stand in front of a full-length mirror and ask yourself – Does this really suit me? Do I actually like it? Will I wear it and when? What other items can I wear it with? Does it make me feel good? If the answer to these questions is yes then hang the item back in the wardrobe. If no – then put it on the relevant pile to discard.  Don’t worry that you are getting rid of many items – we all have too many clothes – by being discerning you are doing a proper wardrobe sort which will last you for years – making your life easier going forward. Hang or put the item away by colour or style or both – whatever works for you personally. Repeat for each storage area until all your clothing, accessories, makeup and shoes have been reviewed.


Compile a shopping list

As you go through your items start compiling a list of items that you feel you could benefit from buying to complement the items you have left in your wardrobe. Split it into items that you need to buy over the coming weeks and items that you need later in the year i.e winter boots or a wool coat or a leather jacket etc


Start making outfits

As you try your items on, pair with other items and add accessories, shoes, bags and jackets or coats. Once you are happy with a certain outfit take a photo on your phone to remember how you styled something.  Doing this will give you an instant record of possible outfits which will prove very useful if you are in a rush getting ready in the morning or lacking inspiration for an night out or an event like a wedding or party.


Do a seasonal switch

Keep only the current season i.e. spring/summer accessible in your wardrobe. Put autumn/winter clothing into another wardrobe/into storage and get out in October. This means you only have the clothing you are actually going to wear visible which makes for a much more effective view of what you have to wear. Swap over everything again in April.


Happy hangers

Once you have completed your sort get rid of all the wire hangers as they are not very friendly to clothing and keep only the wood and plastic ones. Better still – invest in some velvet hangers which are great for keeping clothing pristine and take less space than wooden ones in the wardrobe –  available from places like Lakeland and TK Maxx.


wardrobe clearout


Final tip

Turn all the clothing on hangers so that the hanger faces outwards. Once you have worn something turn the hanger to face inwards. At the end of a season ie spring/summer review what you haven’t worn and consider why and whether it should be discarded. Often you won’t have worn something for a reason…



wardrobe clearout

Happy sorting!!


Follow up

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