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Six styles to buy and wear now

Every six months after having read on and off line as much about what is coming into the shops as I can lay my hands on… along with copious shopping trips to see what is actually physical available, I then compile my six styles to buy to ensure that you are up to date with current styles but not becoming a fashion victim and also likely to get a least a few years wear out of the styles. As you will read later, not all styles are to be considered as they won’t stand the test of time.. the trick is to know what to buy and what to leave in the shops….  what is timeless and what is a flash in the pan.

I hope you find this list relevant and ideally it will negate the need or you to trawl through loads of articles about what to buy and wear this season as I have done the legwork! 


  • Animal print

Be it shoes, bag, scarf, dress, skirt, top or even boots. Animal print is the MUST have print this season. Leopard print is one of those prints that is perennially stylish but this year it’s gone large and comes in a myriad of colourways and has extended to embrace any animal print…  With this trend it’s definitely worth investing in, but ensure the colourway you pick is one that suits your colouring so if you are more wintery in you colouring go for a more black or bright colourway or if autumn colouring go for the standard tan and brown colourway. If summer colouring a more muted pink or blue is best. Animal print always looks chic but ensure that whichever print and colour you invest in you can imagine wearing again next winter.


  •  Heeled long boot

Long boots are always around in various guises each winter and this year it’s the time of the heeled long boot. Whether in suede or leather whether ruched or straight as long as they are above mid calf and have a heel you will be bang on trend. Look particularly good with midi skirts and dresses. Can be worn with leggings/jeggings/skinny jeans but just ensure your overall look is less Dick Turpin and more effortless chic!  This pair from Uterque (online only in the UK) is my personal favourite but M&S, Aldo and Kurt Geiger also do good versions.


  • Boiler Suits

Jumpsuits have been with us for many years. Whether dressed up for a night out or dressed down for casual they are endlessly useful. This year it’s the time of the more utilitarian boiler suit to take centre stage.  Tending to have a collar or round neck they can be either straight down and shapeless or with a drawstring waist which allows a more feminine silhouette to be shown off. Generally available in heavy weight cotton they will work year round.  Able to be worn alone or layered with a poloneck or long sleeved t-shirt they are definitely a useful addition to any winter wardrobe. Great offerings from Boden, Asos, Oliver Bonas and Reserved amongst others. Worn with either trainers for an off-duty look or with heels or heeled boots for a smarter look I would highly recommend investing in one of these. Get in navy or khaki or other neutral colour and it will stand you in good stead next summer and beyond too.


  • Hanky hem skirts and dresses

autumn style 2018

Principles at Debenhams

Hanky hem is another classic skirt and dress hem but it’s very prevalent at the moment so you might as well buy into it this season especially if you can hit two trends in one item as this snake print dress with hanky hem demonstrates and is a bargain at only £45. Other good options available at M&S, Zara and Asos. Looks great with trainers, ankle and long heeled boots so you’ll get loads of wear out of it over the coming 6 months and can be worn easily in the summer months so certainly worth investing in.


  • Trouser Suits

autumn style 2018


Once the preserve of corporate attire, trouser suits have thrown off their work wear vibe and become very much every day and every evening wear. Very popular throughout the spring and summer this year they are still big business this autumn, especially in cord and velvet. However, unless you are very slim and want to add volume and curves I would step away from suits in these fabrics and go towards cotton/acrylic fabrics. They will be more flattering on your figure and you will get much more wear out of them as can be worn for day and evening and into next spring and summer. Velvet and cord are very much wintery fabrics which won’t see the light of day once the sun is back out. Good options available at Baukjen, M&S and John Lewis.  


  • Checked coats and blazers

  • autumn style 2018

    Isa Arfen at Next

Check is a classic pattern but this year it comes in all colour ways and variations. If you do invest in it, ensure that you buy a colourway that suits the undertone of your skin so if you are warm skinned go for a brown, tan and cream check or if cool skinned more a grey, blue, black and white based check. Whilst checked coats and blazers do look great on models and in mannequins in shops, ensure that when you try a checked jacket or coat on that you feel like you in it.. and that you can imagine wearing it with a variety of outfits. Speaking from experience I tried a checked coat on in M&S and whilst it was a great coat on the hanger, on me it did nothing  and I couldn’t really imagine wearing it. One trend that is most definitely not for me this season.

Another point against checked coats in particular is that you have to be careful what you match it with so if you want to invest in one general coat that you can wear day after day for the next 6 months I don’t think a checked coat is the way forward. A checked blazer is possibly a better buy as you will not be expecting to wear it on a daily basis.  Great options for checked coats and blazers in Next, Zara, M&S and John Lewis amongst others.

Not listed but very much on trend is the midi pleated skirt…as it’s been an on trend item for well over a year now I haven’t included it in this round up. Definitely something to invest in if you haven’t already and if you can get it in animal print you get a bonus for two trends in one! 

So that’s it for my seasonal round up. I have invested in a boiler suit, a couple of hanky hem dresses, heeled long boots and of course have lots of leopard print already in my wardrobe. I will be giving checked coats and blazers a miss as I wrote above and whilst I love trouser suits on other people, I can’t really see when I would wear one so won’t be investing in that either. As I have said before you should only invest in trends if they work for you and your life style and will fit in well with your existing wardrobe. 

Follow up

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