Easter Treat!

Easter Treat!


With the Easter Holiday upon us I have created an Easter treat for you up until the 11th of May.  If you have been a customer with me previously take up this opportunity to get 20% off a personal shop with me! A four hour shop with me would usually cost you £150 but for this limited time it will cost you only £120. Give yourself, a loved one or a friend this lovely Easter treat if they have previously worked with me before.


A personal shop with me involves buying key items for you based on what I have seen from your wardrobe review. This personal shop can be specific for an event, such as a holiday or party, or it can be altered for an upcoming season. With Spring flying past us this is the perfect opportunity to get started on your Summer wardrobe, otherwise it’ll be here before you know it and heaven forbid you have nothing to wear!


Use this Easter treat to your advantage and spoil yourself on a shop with me, with this 20% offer, it won’t be around for long so use it while you can! There’s no better feeling, then having new found confidence and feeling good about yourself in your clothes, which is my aim when I accompany you for a personal shop. My goal is to get you looking and feeling gorgeous, giving yourself that boost for the upcoming summer season.


Easter is a time of rebirth, so recreate yourself with this one off Easter treat, whether you’re looking to find a completely new look, or just to stand out for a specific event.


Get in contact with me now and treat yourself or someone you care about this Easter because before you know it the offer will be over with and you’ll be wishing you’d indulged!