Crucial Winter Wardrobe

The weather has changed drastically over the past month, and you’re probably scrambling up in the loft to dig out your winter jumpers and fluffy socks. When autumn rolls around as swiftly as it has this week, sometimes it can leave you lost without fashion direction. This is where I come in. Keep reading for your capsule autumn winter wardrobe.

Splurge on a winter coat. Out of everything in your wardrobe over the next two seasons, outerwear will be your new best friend. Opt for a coat that’s both flattering and on trend; chances are it’ll be in style for years to come. Investing in a winter coat should never be second-guessed. If your coat is fairly plain, opt for bright and patterned scarves to brighten up the winter months.

Footwear is also a crucial element in your must-have winter wardrobe. You need to be able to trust your choice of shoe; nobody wants a damp foot for the entire day. Opt for a sturdy pair of brogues, in black or brown, as they go with practically everything and are perfect for work. A low-heeled boot is also a great option, and this season you’re spoilt for choice!

The tote is still big this season, as is the satchel. Anything goes with your handbag; you can go wild with a bright colour or daring print, or emulate your inner lady with a neutral and petite style.

Necklaces are important in any woman’s wardrobe. Statement necklaces are the way forward and with deep, rich colours and plenty of shine, you’ll be sure to sparkle in any outfit you choose to wear.

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