Clothing that needs to go into Room 101 during any wardrobe declutter!!


wardrobe declutterEvery time I do a wardrobe declutter for a client, I find myself tossing away a variety of wrong ‘uns. Over time a pattern has built up of the regular transgressors that people just can’t seem to part with…Have a read of this (slightly) tongue in cheek guide to see if you have any culprits lurking in your wardrobe…if you do the time is definitely nigh to give them the heave-ho!

If you can’t bring yourself to sling things it could be time to call in an expert…



  • Number one worst item found in wardrobes is the tunic top. Generally worn to disguise hips, bums, tums and thighs but tends to do the exact opposite and make this area look bigger. Also makes legs look shorter unless you are at least 5ft 9″ tall and overall makes you look dumpy and short. There are countless other ways to disguise a pear shape or curvy hourglass shape and this isn’t one of them.


  • The dreaded legging (generally black)…often worn with the tunic of item number one. A lot of people are not happy with their leg shape, colour, marks on them etc and pair leggings with tunics, dresses,skirts in an attempt to hide the things they don’t like about their legs. This is never a good move… wear thick tights with dresses or skirts in the winter and get your bare legs out in the summer. If you don’t like the colour put a light bit of fake tan on or wear trousers or maxi skirts and dresses instead. There is no place for a pair of leggings in a stylish woman’s wardrobe except for a yoga class!


  • Elbow length cardys especially those with small buttons on the cuff. Looks like something your grandma might have worn.No need for this item ever in your wardrobe


  • Ditto shrugs and boleros.


  • Nude tights or indeed any sheer pair of tights except very sheer black tights at a black tie do paired with a black tie kind of dress. Opaque tights are the only acceptable tights and them only between October and April. If the weather is cold in the summer wear trousers or jeans or a maxi skirt or dress with bare legs


  • Aforementioned tights paired with open toe sandals or shoes. NEVER EVER appropriate!


  • Peep toe tights…need I say more?


  • Drawstring cropped shorts/pedal pushers to just below the knee – in beige – particularly dire!


  • Walking sandals. Yes they are useful when warm (I imagine) but they look dreadful. If you are hiking in the summer months wear walking trainers or boots. Your feet will sweat regardless of what you have on your feet.


  • Anoraks except for for hiking.


  • Cord a-line skirts especially with applique or embroidery on them circa Boden from 10-15 years ago


  • Square toed sling back kitten heels from the mid-late 90’s…enough said.


  • Any shoes from Hotter or Gabor. Some people do have feet issues but Clarks or Geox is just as comfortable and certainly more stylish.


  • Largely anything from Fatface, Joules, Seasalt, White Stuff or Cath Kidston.


Any additions to the list or any comments in defence of the above items.. I would love to hear!