Shopping on a Budget – A How To

How can you learn to start shopping on a budget and buy your clothes in-between the huge January and August sales? January is the longest month of the year. We get paid early in December, which feels fantastic until you realise you have a 6 week wait between then and your next pay date. Although we should cut certain things out of our budget, I’m sure you can agree that shopping can actually be a necessity.




If you’re a bit of a designer junkie it’s probably burning a bigger hole in your pocket than you can bear. Rather than heading straight for Sloane Street every time you need a high fashion fix, why not try shopping on a budget and take yourself to an outlet? Braintree Freeport is one in a long list of places that is home to hundreds of expensive designer and high street labels without the hefty price tag. Shopping online is a fantastic way to keep track of bargains, and secret community shopping sites such as and sell discounted designer clothing.


If you’re getting all glammed up for an event sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect dress while shopping on a budget. Have you ever considered hiring a fabulous dress? There are websites out there where you can hire your perfect dress for less than half the price it would cost you to buy it, only to wear it once!


Clothes swapping is a fabulous way of updating your wardrobe, while still being able to afford to pay the pills at the end of each month, rather than shopping for new clothes, consider your budget and throw a clothes swapping evening with your closest friends and family. You never know, they might bring the jeans you’ve been after for months!


Browsing sites such as Ebay and Amazon will often help save you money when clothes shopping too. Bidding on items that are normally worth tonnes more than you end up paying, and you get yourself a fancy new wardrobe without the hefty price tag!


Shopping on a budget isn’t a tough as it seems. Take these tips and before you know it you’ll be a seasoned pro!

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