“At last, thanks to Thomasin, I have found the colours that really suit which has given me confidence and most importantly taken 10 years off me..I never thought I could wear yellow!”

Dee Found, Retired teacher, Scarborough


client testimonials“It was the wardrobe weed that made the biggest difference to me. Thomasin went through her initial questionnaire, which confirmed I liked the ‘hippy style’ I always had done, Thomasin showed me how I can still dress this way… even as a mother!

She helped me to eradicate all those purchases that I guess I knew were wrong, by sensitively highlighting what made them less flattering than other items in my wardrobe. I thoroughly enjoyed this process having her there gave me the confidence and time I needed to just keep what I really liked and looked good.

Of course it was then lots of fun filling the holes with the list we made! I now have checked those items of my list and I’m enjoying making new purchases with the knowledge I’m getting it right!”

                                                   Marie Nobel, Homemaker, Wormingford


client testimonials“Thomasin has a warm, friendly and professional manner. Whilst having my colours done she made sure that I could understand which colours suited me and why.

I found the whole experience really uplifting and I felt really excited about going home and sifting through my wardrobe to weed out the colours that were not in my colour scheme and re organise my wardrobe with the clothes that did suit me.

Thomasin also spoke about body shape and what sort of styles would suit my shape which I found really useful. Having my colours done was great for my self esteem. I felt I was giving something back to myself, making time for me. Now if someone comments on my clothing or appearance I have the confidence to say ‘Thank you'”

Meg Lyon, PE Teacher, Colchester


“I never really liked shopping before but seeing Thomasin was so beneficial and has given me so much more confidence. I now don’t waste time looking through stuff which are clearly not my colours and can go straight to the rails that are. I sorted out my wardrobe as soon as I got back and have so much enjoyed shopping for new clothes that suit me…. so many people have complimented me on how I look.”

Hazel English, Homemaker, Diss


client testimonials


“Before Thomasin worked her magic, my wardrobes were cluttered with clothes I never wore and some that did not fit or had gone completely out of fashion. And I felt defeated and overwhelmed before I even looked for an outfit. With swift and courteous efficiency this Wardrobe Wizard weeded out what I needed to keep and we produced three large bags of clothes for the charity shop and others to dye or sell. I now open the wardrobe doors and see colours and styles that all suit me and mix and match. My confidence has soared and I am always hearing compliments on what I wear. Thank you, Thomasin!”


Liz Jones, Business Coach, Maldon


client testimonials“I wish to thank Thomasin for the most amazing colour, style and wardrobe audit experience. She arrived promptly and made me feel wonderful with her lovely compliments focussing on my
attributes and sharing clever dressing tips with me so I make the most of my shape.

Friends have all commented on how well and lovely I look. This is especially heart-warming to me as I have had a very tricky few years with my health.

The wardrobe audit was immensely satisflying and left me feeling refreshed, renewed and full of confidence.

I would recommend Thomasin’s services to my friends and colleagues as I feel the experience is not just isolated to one day but a lifetime of knowledge and confidence enabling me to shop
smarter and walk taller and more confidently through life.”


Donna Walker, Holistic Therapist, Ipswich



client testimonials“I had gone to Thomasin’s studio feeling fat, frumpy and fractious but she made me feel lovely and gave me a feeling of good self-esteem that I had lost after being made redundant before deciding to do what I am good at in my own enterprise.

I left Thomasin’s studio feeling like I had been pampered, as if I had just had a manicure or a massage. Not only that, I was armed with a booklet of shade swathes that suit me to help me pick my outfits in the future.”


Sally Anderson-Wai, Copywriter & PR Guru, Colchester



client testimonials

Lisa & Natalie in John Lewis

We both had a wonderful day and achieved a lot more than we would have done on our own. I felt that outfits started to fit into place the more types of items we found. I achieved so much more in a couple of hours than I would have ever expected.  Definitely value for money to get items right first time rather than making time consuming online purchase mistakes.”


Lisa Kielthy, Financial Controller, Danbury


“exciting, useful, informative and a real confidence boost. My wardrobe now has a style and colour injection. A truly informal and enjoyable day”.


Natalie Dodsworth, Accountant, Nottingham