Christmas Day Dressing

With only a handful of sleeps until the big day our thoughts turn to what to wear to open the pressies, baste the turkey, entertain the kids (and inlaws) and serve and clear away lunch all while looking effortlessly calm and collected.  With the exception of those who chose to sport a onesie or pjs all day the question of what to wear is a perennial issue. 


I strongly favour a dress with opaque tights and heels – high enough to enhance the leg but not so high that cooking dinner, going to the pub/church/neighbours drinks and generally being on your feet is out of the question. Add makeup, done hair, some Christmas sparkle in the form of accessories and berry red nails. It is a special day so go the extra mile…you’ll be glad you did make the effort when scrolling through your photos!


Back to the dress… Ruched or wrap or anything that comes out from the waistband i.e. skater is good to hide the inevitable swollen tummy at day’s end.  Also, good is any heavy weight fabric that skims not clings.  Nothing too short that you can’t comfortably sit on the floor,to play with all the countless toys that Father Christmas has no doubt brought, without worrying about flashing your underwear. 


Absolute no-nos are Christmas jumpers – however ironic! … unflattering, hot and decidedly naff…novelty earrings or jewellery and any slipper in the shape of a large animal!


As a final tip, get out of the house, if only to the pub, some fresh air will do you good and it’s a chance to show off your outfit and lap up the compliments!

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