Capsule Wardrobe Tips – Invest in a denim jacket


One item of clothing I recommend to ALL clients when I’m sorting out their wardrobes, giving them capsule wardrobe tips and compiling a shopping list of key items to invest in is a denim jacket. It works for everyone; young or old; skinny or curvy, classic or romantic dresser. It’s an integral part of a summer wardrobe and can be worn year round. If you don’t have one – I highly recommend that you invest in one and here’s why…

  • It goes with everything… .colour, neutrals, patterns, plains, florals, stripes, metallics….denim is the ultimate neutral – just as jeans are. Who wouldn’t want a jacket that will go with absolutely everything in your wardrobe? My tip would be that if you are fair or redhead go for a mid blue colour and if you are brunette or darker go for a dark blue or indigo wash.


  • They are inexpensive. My current denim jacket is from the Gap outlet shop at the Braintree retail outlet. It cost less than £25. I wear it year after year throughout the spring and summer meaning that the cost per wear is down to pennies. This is the mark of a great and useful of clothing within a capsule wardrobe. There is definitely no need to spend any more than £40.


  • They keep you warm. Unfortunately, this is critical during a British summer. An ideal item to take on your holiday abroad too as they are perfect for before and during the flight and can be balled up in a bag once you land in warmer climes and will look as good as new once you shake it out.


  • They work with all styles of clothing; maxi skirts and dresses, knee length (or shorter) dresses and skirts, shorts, trousers, palazzo pants,jeans..whatever you want!  One word of warning…if you do do double denim just check in the mirror before you go out that the double denim is working as there is a fine line between looking good and looking like an aging rocker!


  • A useful item for layering in the spring and summer underneath a sleeveless waistcoat, gillet or leather jacket.


  • A youthful look for all ages without running the risk of looking like mutton.


  • Can get in a variety of colours and washes – there will be something for everyone. The most versatile colours will be a mid or dark blue in a standard wash.. these will stand the test of time and trends. If money is less of an issue then by all means invest in a denim jacket with ruffles or embroidery but prepare for it to be out of fashion within the year.


  • They wash well and will last for years. I find mine wear out and get all faded long before I have tired of them.


  • It’s best to buy a size smaller than you are as the snug fit is the look you are after and it’s unlikely you will be wearing it done up.As long as it fits on the arms it’s definitely best to go down a size. The trend right now is for oversized styles but this is a passing trend so I would always recommend the snug fit than the slightly baggy to oversized…within a few months it will look odd.


Other places to source a classic and inexpensive denim jacket right now would be:

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