Are you beach body ready??!

are-you-beach-body-readyThis is definitely not a blog to insist you get down to the gym and get all 6 packed up…more a guide to help you chose the right swimwear for your body shape…whatever shape that is!

With the long school summer holidays just around the corner, now is definitely the time to be dusting off your bikinis and cossies and getting ready for the great summer getaway. Wherever you are going… camping in Cornwall or making merry in the Med you will need some swimwear… even staying local you will inevitably be taking the kids to the local swimming pool or splashing around in the paddling pool!

If you find your current swimwear isn’t making the most of your shape or you haven’t yet purchased your summer swimwear the sales are now on everywhere so you should find some great bargains around that are easy on the purse and the body!

My top tip is website which has the best selection of swimwear around and currently has 20% off everything!



r706433-p740217-frontApple shaped

Looks like: Great legs, bit of a tummy with bigger shoulders and bust bigger than hips/bum


Best styles:

  • Halternecks
  • Ruching on tummy
  • Dark tops and patterned bottoms
  • medium/low cut legs
  • hipster or boyshorts
  • high waisted bottoms to keep tummy in
  • looks best in a swimsuit instead of a bikini but wearing high waisted bottoms can keep tummy contained or a tankini


e54a3eb2a4331bc6e84ae1027b167b2cPear shaped

Looks like: Neat bust, hips wider than shoulders, carry weight on thighs, flat tummy

Best styles:

  • Halternecks (makes shoulders look wider)
  • Patterned tops and plain bottoms
  • High cut legs
  • Classic cut bikini briefs



Rectangle shape

Looks like: straight up and down body with little or no waist definition, shoulders and hips are the same width, smaller bust, very little body fat

rectangleshapeBest styles:

  • Triangle cut tops and bottoms are good
  • Boy shorts are good
  • String tie bottoms
  • Ruffles, padding, patterns, beading etc on top
  • Ruffles, detailing on bottoms
  • Halterneck
  • Cutout one piece ie monokini
  • Twisted bandeau top with boyshorts
  • Bikini always better than a one piece with exception of monokini


Hourglass shape

Looks like: Shoulders and hips similar width, defined waist, often carry weight on thighs, hips and tummy, shoulders are quite wide, largish bust

f64a8960b4961cfa11d71b0f47c6f9bcBest styles:

  • Halterneck tops
  • Tie side bottoms
  • Matching top and bottoms ie patterned on top and bottom or solid colour top and bottom
  • Underwiring gives best support to bust


Strawberry shape

Looks like: Wide athletic shoulders with neat hips and thighs, bust and flatish stomach

Best styles:78e943eb0c8800370195bbf6e5ad57cd

  • Detailing on bottoms to draw eye to hips
  • Pattern on bottom and plain on top
  • Underwiring for bikini top
  • Tie string bottoms








Great places to go for swimwear as well as kaftans, sarongs and kimonos are:,,, and



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