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What to buy, what to wear – Spring Summer 2016

Catwalk to Closet – My recommendations for what summer styles to buy for Spring and Summer 2016


culotte dungarees and bardot top

culotte dungarees and bardot top

It’s that time of year when I do my bi-annual what to buy and wear for the coming season blog. Spring and summer is definitely my favourite time of year so I can’t wait to be ditching the coats and boots and getting some lighter weight clothing on again and getting some skin out! So what to buy over the next couple of months to last through until September?

Summer styles for 2016

Still big this year is fringing on bags, jackets and boots. Culottes, jumpsuit and boiler suits are still around after being very on trend last year.  The sleeveless waistcoat – both long and short,but particularly with a tied waist, is very much here to stay which is great news as it create such an elegant silhouette and makes even the simplest top and jeans look amazing.

tie sleeveless waistcoat

tie sleeveless waistcoat


Bomber jackets are big business as well this season and are the perfect transitional item to get us from cold winter to hopefully warm early summer. Plain or patterned, bright or muted – there is a style and pattern for everyone. My personal favourite is the mustard one from H&M. Although they also do a great khaki one too which taps into one of this years key colours.


bomber jacket

bomber jacket


New (to the high street at least) this season are cropped flares.  They look amazing on models but are a tricky trend for most of us to wear as they make the leg look shorter and unless teamed with the right items can look odd… probably one trend to avoid unless tall and slender or have a dramatic style preference.


cropped flares & ankle tie flats

cropped flares &             ankle tie flats


Another key look is the off the shoulder top, also known as a bardot top, and cut away shoulder tops. Bardot tops are definitely a flattering trend for us all to buy into as they make the shoulders look wider and our hips and thighs narrower as a result. Cut away shoulders are also very flattering as they allow us to show show flesh but keeping most of us covered –  a great shape for 50+ women..


cutaway shoulder top

cutaway shoulder top


Shirt dresses are also everywhere in 2016.  These are a very versatile item of clothing that can be worn with bare legs and sandals or over leggings/skinnies and are great beach cover ups over bikinis and cossies instead of sarongs or kaftans. Worth investing in for this season but will last for years.

shirt dress

shirt dress


Key colours this year are khaki and pink. Khaki is  particularly good for those of us with a warm undertone to the skin. Pink is also everywhere and is better for those of us with cool undertone to the skin.  Flat shoes with lace ties and again very popular, as are multiple buckle shoes and metallic block heeled shoes. Mules are also having a bit of a renaissance. Available flat and heeled in all types of patterns and styles.

block heeled multiple buckle shoes

block heeled multiple buckle shoes


Denim in all sorts of permutations, washes and cuts remains very much with us.  The perennial classic.


My personal favourite look of this year so far is the culotte dungaree hybrid (as pictured). Successfully combining 3 key trends; dungarees, culottes and denim. I’ve already ordered this pair!


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Autumn 2015 Shopping List – What to buy now!

topphotoWhenever I’m anticipating the new season I always get very excited about all the new offerings in the shops and online (especially the boots on sale at this time of year!).  Historically, I have often rushed out to buy items that, whilst I like them, might not actually be that useful over the coming months. I guess the million dollar question when doing any clothes shopping is what will I actually wear time and time again and what will go with my existing wardrobe and what trends ,if any, am I going to buy into and what leave well alone? In my case, this season, that will be the folk trend that I give a wide berth to!

During my capsule wardrobe workshops I explained how I operate with a rolling capsule wardrobe which I amend every 3-4 months which comprises of 33-38 items. What I want to be able to do for myself and to share with you is to create a shopping list of 5-8 items that I think are the key items to consider buying for the coming 3-4 months based on what will be versatile, enabling it to be worn several times with existing items of clothing and also with a nod to key trends, as being current IS one of the pillars of effortless style.

Having spent a long time browsing online and in shops I have created my ultimate list for the coming months. I hope you find it useful …. I’ll be using it as a guide for my shopping list! Ideally, if you buy a few items on this list there will be no need to buy anything else, as what you buy should work with your existing wardrobe giving you a injection of freshness that enables you to create many new and different outfit combinations.


Over the Knee Boots

Incredibly elegant with skinny jeans and leggings and even bare legs with skirts and dresses for those brave ones amongst us.. Admittedly not great for those with very short legs but for the rest of us an easy item to wear especially if you invest in some flat ones. Boots pictured are from Carvela but many high street shops are selling similar this year.

Over the Knee Boots










Suede Tassel Bag

Tassel Bags have been around for several seasons now, but as suede is so prevalent this season why not buy into the 2 trends by getting a suede tassel bag? An inexpensive one as shown will look amazing and lift your look to Autumn/Winter 2015 without much effort or expensive. The wine colour of this bag from New Look is also a fantastic colour for the autumn!

tassel bag









Sleeveless jacket

Again, this has been popular in magazines and in shops for many months but really starting to be widespread in shops over the summer. Zara and Wallis (pictured) both have good offerings at the moment. Really looks fantastic over a simple pair of trousers and top or knit.

duster jacket










Wide Leg Trousers or Culottes

Again, been around for months as a popular trend and still with us for the coming season. These denim ones pictured from Atterley will be so useful as denim can be dressed up or down and will look great with heels or flats. All styles and colours in wide leg trousers are on sale in shops/online so there should definitely be a pair that suits every budget, shape and colour preference.











Perenially classic. If you don’t yet own some it is worth making a purchase, as they will work this year and beyond and being flat, will be comfortable, working with both trousers and skirts. This pair from Boden caught my eye as they are metallic which works with everything.










Blanket Wraps

Everywhere this year and are extremely elegant. Can be worn loose or belted round the waist. M&S has some great options as does Wallis (pictured).  Can be worn even from now as the temperature has started dropping to autumnal depths even though it is still only early September.












Floppy Hats & Pussy Bow Blouses

Go on be brave enough to buy a floppy hat and wear it out.. they do look super chic! I have bought one… just not quite got round to wearing it yet! Sold in all high street shops… Not convinced they’re going to be a long lasting trend but they do look great on ladies especially those with long hair (as pictured from Zara).

Pussy bow blouses are everywhere too this season. Don’t buy if blouses aren’t your thing but there are some nice ones around. Again this is a definite trend which may not last beyond this season.












If you’ve always wanted to know how to accessorise and feel confident when choosing and wearing hats, jewellery, belts and scarves then come along to my acceessories workshop on Wednesday 23rd September at 10am. Click on the below link to book.



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