7 summer style essentials for every stylish wardrobe

Whatever your style preference, job or lifestyle there are a few items that should be in every woman’s wardrobe that you will use year after year.

These classic items are trend resistance so spend as much as you can afford on each item as the cost per wear will be low after years of using/wearing them.

Every time I work with a client on a wardrobe clear out and shopping list these items make it onto the list so they are items you should consider buying if you don’t already have them in your summer wardrobe.

First up but not in any particular order are:

  1. Metallic Sandals
Metallic Sandals

If you have warm skin (slight yellow cast to your skin and veins in the inside wrist appear greenish) then metallic shoes should be gold or copper coloured. If your skin is cool (veins appear blue in your inside wrist) then metallic shoes should be silver/pewter coloured. If you have a pair of metallic sandals then you won’t need to take any other pair of going out type shoes on holiday as this one pair will work with all outfits. Heeled or flat or both whatever you prefer.

2. Straw Bag

Straw Bag

An essential bag for the summer both here and abroad. Looks great with a variety of outfits including dresses, shorts and jeans and is a perfect size for lugging all your stuff around day to day and on holiday – sightseeing or at the beach. The current trend is for round bags but any style will work as long as it is at least medium sized. Hush and The White Company have great options.

3. Cropped wide leg jeans

7 summer style essentials
wide leg jeans

An integral part of your summer outfits is a pair of wide leg jeans. In my opinion this style has replaced the skinny jean as the must have pair of jeans as they work year round and are much more flattering and forgiving on the majority of women’s legs and thighs. Here shown is a white pair but mid to indigo coloured jeans would be equally useful. All retailers will have a pair of these kind of style. Asos is always a good bet for reasonably priced denim. I also like Mint Velvet and Me&Em for denim. Wear with trainers, sandals and flip flops in the day and heels for a more evening look. Look great with heeled boots throughout the winter months.

4. Espadrilles

7 summer style essentials

They have been around for years but they do just work so well with jeans, shorts, dresses and skirts. Also, they are so comfy to wear – even the medium to high heeled ones. They are relatively inexpensive so you can have a few pairs in different colours. I personally prefer the heeled style but low or flat styles are still a perennial classic. Good places to get espadrilles are Office, Uterque and Castaner. If you only want to invest in one pair go for one of your neutral shades ie black, white, cream or tan.

5. Shacket

7 summer style essentials

Sometimes a denim jacket just won’t work… either you are wearing jeans and you don’t want to look like you are wearing a Canadian tuxedo or want to ring the changes with a different kind of jacket. I think a shacket (a mixture of a shirt and a jacket) is the most useful jacket you can have in your summer wardrobe. Mine is khaki but any colour will work – depending on your colour palette..navy, black, cream, white or a brighter colour. It is lightweight so doesn’t add bulk but just keeps the cool off when the temperature isn’t as warm as we might like it in this country. It works with jeans, trousers, shorts and dresses.. can be worn open as a jacket or done up as a shirt. Good places to source shackets are Baukjen, Gap, Dorothy Perkins and Topshop.

6. Denim Jacket

7 summer style essentials

A good old faithful which just keeps working year after year. Great with jumpsuits and maxi dresses to keep the evening chill off but also fine with shorts, trousers and jeans provided it is a different shade of denim. Inexpensive to buy and available from most retailers. I bought a replacement one from Principles at Debenhams this year for £28 so you really don’t need to spend much. The trend recently for denim jackets has been slightly over sized but I prefer the shorter and smaller styles as are overall more flattering and will last for many years if you buy a classic shape and size.

7. Cross body Bag

7 summer style essentials
Cross Body Bag

Just as necessary as a straw bag. An essential items when you want to have your hands free… at a concert, a gig a festival, travelling or sightseeing. A metallic one in your appropriate colour would be a great option as it would go with everything. I have a gold fringed cross body bag I bought from Zatchels years ago and it gets wheeled out every summer. However, any colour will work – just go for one that you like and will work with the rest of your wardrobe. Navy, tan or black always a good bet!

Follow up

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