5 Style Tribes – Which one do you fit into?

Style Tribes

Did you know that when you are profiled by a personal stylist as part of a style analysis (what clothes to wear for your body shape) what style preference or style tribe you fall into is often the 1st area covered?


There are 5 main style preferences and we all largely fall into one preference with influences from the other tribes. So can you guess what style tribe you fall into?


classicdresserClassic-The smart look

  • Well groomed
  • smart and elegant
  • well co-ordinated
  • value quality and style more than quantity and trends
  • like tailoring and structure
  • wear accessories and jewellery but are often understated
  • confident with business and formal wear but can struggle with casual wear
  • hair is done and makeup carefully applied


romanticdresserRomantic – The feminine look

  • prefer softer contoured lines and styles with movement
  • like print, colour and sparkle
  • like wearing dresses, blouses and skirts
  • like extra work such as applique and embroidery
  • jewellery is delicate
  • hair often worn longer with hair accessories at times
  • makeup is natural

naturaldresserNatural-The relaxed look

  • a relaxed approach to dressing
  • not prepared to sacrifice comfort for fashion or style
  • prefer natural fabrics with softness and texture
  • prefer natural colours and non patterned items
  • shoes must be comfy
  • have a few pieces of jewellery which rarely change
  • wash and go hair
  • light or no makeup

Dramatic – The fashionista lookdramaticdresser

  • exaggerated or unnatural silhouette
  • oversized accessories and prints
  • chunky,shiny, colourful pieces of jewellery
  • bold colours and colour combinations
  • unusual shoes
  • often hats
  • hair and makeup are an important part of the whole look

sportydresserSporty-The casual look

  • practical approach to clothes
  • like clothes you can move in
  • unisex items i.e. jeans/jumpers/tees/trainer inspired-shoes/hoodies
  • non-classic style jackets i.e. cotton/denim/biker
  • hair and makeup are easy maintenance
  • little if any jewellery




If you’re not sure what tribe you fall into why not book an appointment to come and see me and we can decide together. Call now on 07500 443974 to make an appointment.

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